One With The Art

I’m crazy mad with anticipation right now. I just want to do something CREATIVE. We were having a dry spell at work today (one of many), and I decided to explore my new Adobe Bridge CS3. It’s so cool. I’m not sure if it was working with the Internet connection, it probably was. But anyway, for all them designers out there, it’s a great place to look for inspiration and tutorials. Unfortunately, you have to install an Adobe product e.g. Photoshop or Dreamweaver to get it, and most of the links go online, so if you don’t have a moderately speedy connection, you may get impatient.

One of the sites that I found via the Bridge is The FWA -Favourite Websites Awards . Awesome site with some of the most creative flash sites you’re gonna see. Also, another fast Internet warning.

After some exploration and my usual daily browse of Deviantart’s design and interfaces section (take a gander at my GALLERY), I felt myself really itching to get back to my wild experimentations with design again. I haven’t really had that opportunity since I started work back in January, and sadly, most of the nice stuff I DO start end up hanging, for instance, Snow White Gets Even. It’s turning out to be one of the best paintings I’ve ever done, and definitely the friggin longest to complete.

I need like, a week off from work, going out, and whatever. Just me, Photoshop, some nice earphones to shut off the world and some food; bonding the way we were meant to. Sigh.


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