Shrek the Third

Yeah, so this is like, TOTALLY late, and I’m sure by now, most people have watched Shrek3. But I believe my opinion is still importanto anyway.

So, I had high hopes for this installment, but it seems ’tis the year for under-achievement. Now, don’t get me wrong, Shrek, was as usual, witty and refreshingly different, but it seems the writers just didn’t seem to know what to do next with all the characters (and they were many) somehow.

Honestly, as a Justin Timberlake LOVER, I was just waiting to see what magical role my love would be making the film, and I was not to be disappointed. It wasn’t so much his role as a whole, but his general relations with Shrek e.g. “Help, I’ve been kidnapped by a monster trying to relate to me!”. I also liked the whole medieval high school disaster. Totally didn’t see that coming.

Also, I was rather surprised by how cute Baby Shrek was. Who’d have thunk it? Also Fiona’s father’s last minutes were more amusing than sad. However, I I didn’t quite feel Donkey’s and Puss’s impacts on the movie, or the Queen, who I felt were just re-cast out of continuity than any real purpose. Charming, was whiny as always, and his end was a little weird.

Towards the ending, I just couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. But it was mostly great, nice jokes and innuendos, and the whole series was a celebration of a very creative mind. Go see it, if you haven’t. But like Spiderman, Fantastic Four and the rest, I think it’s time for all these sequels to rest before they get old.

Rating: 8/10


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