I… Don’t… Know… :(

Do you ever feel like you’re staring something right in the face, but you don’t know it? Or at least, you aren’t sure? How about that awful nagging feeling at the back of your head that says you could be making a mistake? Sure, such signs could probably mean that your gut is right and you ARE missing the point.

Or it could be that you’re listening to your gut for all the wrong reasons.  At which point you have absolutely no idea what to listen to. There are more than a few things I’ve almost done but changed my mind at the last minute cos I wasn’t sure I was listening to the right voice.

I’ve been having the impression for the past month or so that I’m going down the wrong way in a couple of vital areas in my life, and it might just be my fault.

I need to think. And pray.


3 thoughts on “I… Don’t… Know… :(

  1. Nice blog. I’m a graphic designer too, but I only do stuffs for pple on a part time arrangement.

  2. that moment comes especially in times when life’s gates are open full of pleasures and sorrows..wat compliments all these are the choices we have to make to go thru it..
    one of the major things you have to make sure you do is to be focused..wat do you really want to do?wat are your goals..and wat do you want to do about issues that you might face..settling down to think towards a right direction really helps. i think you got the other thing right….PRAY

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