Weekend Runs

Because I’m a darling (and also cos I got a lot to write about), you’re going to get 3 posts from me today!
Might as well start with my weekend.
I watched HARRY POTTER!!!! 😀 My review will show up later in the day.
Anyway, courtesy of a flippant suggestion by his gf in Abuja, we decided to take K out for his b-day on her behalf. We would have gone on Friday, but we had our NYSC head count so it had to be Saturday.
Speaking of which, can I just say that government workers are the scourge of the nation? They made almost 2000+ corpers just stand around all DAY. We didn’t start the ‘count’ till past 1, and many of the officials were forming difficult. It took ages to find my queue, and when I did, I saw a friend in front and was INVITED to join her. The other people on the queue however, weren’t so enthusiastic. There were people (3 women and a very tall guy) literally attacking me and preventing me from reaching the front. One girl used her chest (and what a large, scary chest it was) to block me. I had to lie I wasn’t going to sign, and on my way back, I put on 3 layers of thick skin to ignore the stink eyes and quiet swears thrown at me. To be fair, I was with the person in front previously, but we got separated in our search. That, and the fact that we’re both former Babcock students and shunting was our way of life. 🙂
Saturday we hopped down to Silverbird to watch Harry Potter. The guys (being the cheapskates they are) only paid for their own tickets. We tried to make them buy the food, but they didn’t do that either. Later though, K bought me popcorn. I had fun. I spent the entire movie explaining the movie to K(who, for some reason, doesn’t like reading, and as such, has never read the books) while B explained to her bf (who, also for for SOME reason, thinks the books are not worth reading…HELLO!). After 10 minutes, some white woman turned and told us to keep quiet. We were quiet enough, but for the rest of the film I continued to pretend like I was going to throw popcorn in her hair (which, judging by the large fluff on her head, she would have never felt).
Afterward, we did a LOT of moping, disapproving of the really young girls prancing around in itsy-bitsy skirts and making fun of kids that were trying to skate. Four of us got invited to be on Siverbird TV where we would more or less embarass ourselves trying to pronounce Ali Baba( the comedian)’s real name. That guy has a long messed up name, man.
Then, bored, we moved over to B’s house where I suddenly became the target of slightly frustrating mockery till I left for Agbara. I don’t even know why I went home, there was hardly any light, and my mum was just pissing me off and exaggerating issues up till Sunday night, at which point she just stopped talking to me altogether.
Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted. This is supposed to be NYSC week, but I’m at work, cos I thought I’d be able to browse. Ironically, the server’s down. For the first time, like, ever.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Runs

  1. I remember the good old days in naija when i never used to wait in line. I always found my way to the front one way or another. Now, i have to form like i’m civilised and act like everyone else. Sigh!!

  2. @bubbles,
    I realy wanted to queue up, but mehn, it was too tempting an offer despite the near-violence.
    @la reine,
    Movie was great check out my review!

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