Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Sorry this is late. I blame it on a flukey bad internet and NYSC.

Anyway, this is one of the last sequels I have to watch for the year, and by this point, as you can expect, I’m very jaded about all of them. I went in with this mindset to watch this movie – one I’ve had since I started reading the books and I realized they were BUTCHERING the films – the film will be a brief, badly put together, not so great summary of the book.

But I admit. This one didn’t SUCK. I can honestly say it’s the best they’ve ever done. B and I found ourselves saying, “That’s Hot”, Paris Hilton style, all movie long. Sure, they butchered the book as usual, but they butchered it well, and I found that there was truly a lot of details from it I could live without.

Effect-wise, it was BRILLIANT. Even the broom-flying scenes didn’t have that sucky quality of the first 2 films. The Thestrals that pulled the carriages were sufficiently ugly, and the ending fight scene between Voldie and Dumbledore was HOT. Even K, fantasy cynic that he is, had to say it was so cool it was sexy.

Acting-wise, I have to give a little kudos to Daniel Radcliffe. His acting was quite good in this one (for that, I’ll forgive him for that.. that.. HAIRCUT). So much so that he even managed to touch a nerve when he was having his weird, spaz out, my-life-is-truly-so-miserable scene near the end. We were all like, aww… For reasons I cant place, Neville looked HUGE. And Luna Lovegood was played quite well. Hermione was over-emotional as usual, and am I the only one that saw the SEVERE chemistry between the two (i.e. Ron & Hermione) all movie long??? JK should have put THAT in the book. After 3 movies they finally decided to put a sprinkling of the Ginny crush in, but it was a very don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it kinda thing.

Off the point for a moment, B and I also found ourselves checking out many of the guys in the film. Namely Ron and his twin brothers. Harry, however, well… nuff said.

In short, the film was pretty good if you aren’t a sucker for detail (and even if you are, like me, it’ll most likely rock). Am glad they finally got it right. Now it’s just the wait for the new book…

Rating: 9/10

One thought on “Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

  1. Thanks for the review. I am keen to watch the movie and to see if it will live up to my overactive imagination.

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