NYSC, Strange Parties and Potter!

Hmm, I guess I appeared sooner than I expected. Considering the events of Friday, I feel it might be even longer before I resume work.

It was HELL. People were pushing, screaming, cursing and fighting. And to make things worse. It was RAINING. I couldn’t believe it. I was soaked to the skin, looking well and ready for a wet t-shirt competition, water was slushing around in my over-sized boots, and my hair turned to frizz. I did a lot of things, but after 4 hours of standing, i finally made it into the Zonal Inspector’s office.

I was turned into an improptu errand girl, told to go and get free mosquito nets for all the officers. At least, it gave me the opportunity to help out a friend. I gave her some of the nets, and after much swearing and squeezing, we got in again.

Just so I’ll be told that I have to do 4 more weeks. I had a flash of emotion where I thought I was going to cry, then it passed and I became sadly impassive. Later on, though, a bunch of us with the same issue pleaded and reasoned, and one of the officers told us not to worry, that we should just come back Monday after everyone has gotten their clearance.

I can’t do another month. The domino effect of that is too large to think about. It will be hell for me to get my certificate after pass out day, and my office will continue to treat me like a corper till I can show it to them.

Sigh. Afterwards, though we went to B’s house, where her sister mistakenly locked the car keys in the car, and also forgot it in gear, so we couldn’t move it. It was hilarious. We sat on the curb, waving down any Camry that passed to see if we could use their keys. At the end of the day, we had to get a panel beater to jack the car.

Some more friends came over after getting back too late from Convenant’s grad, and around 10 we decided to go for some birthday party for a classmate I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Only in her house.

We got lost. But i’ve never had so much fun getting lost. B’s sister was high for some reason and we laughed all the way there. The party was full of FREAKS. All the guys were oddly high and i think, a bit immature, and tended to harass us with BAD lines and even worse dance moves. The DJ was drunk and played the same songs over and over again.

We gave up at after 12 and went home to discuss the mess that was the party’s guests.

Saturday was a blur of picture-taking and being forgotten while B went off cavorting with her bf. Me and her sister spent some minutes feeling sorry for ourselves and truly mystified at why we were still single at that point.

I got HARRY POTTER today. Can’t wait to go home and lie down with it. It cost me half of what I own, but I don’t care. He’s worth it. 🙂

7 thoughts on “NYSC, Strange Parties and Potter!

  1. Chei…I remember my NYSC days, somewhere in the jungle in Ekiti….those where the good easy days I tell U….memories.

  2. Interesting. On getting Harry Porter, you mean the book? Dont tell me you got the cam correlation of The order of phoenix please 🙂 . Nice blog you got here by the way.

  3. @ omomibadan
    frankly, nysc is overrated and pointless, and i cant wait o be rid of its worries
    @ kayode
    thanks, and YES, I mean the book! wat do u take me 4??

  4. I disagree wit u on NYSC…to me tjhats one of the best things to have happened to naija
    BTW..I tried getting u on ur facebook…”confessions of a facebook purist”

  5. Sorry girl. Lets pray it all works out for the best.

    Sorry the party was lame; nothing sucks more than a bad DJ and guys that can’t dance *shivers*

    -Oh, I got the HP ebook, free but I can’t curl up with me desktop 😦

  6. Ok, I’ll be the blonde one and ask what NYSC stands for? (since I’m not from Nig, this might be a less blonde question than I think).

    Finished the Harry Potter book, should I spoil the ending now or later?

    BTW – Needed the time-out from the blogosphere. I’m BACK (and there’s a BANG somewhere in there)

  7. @enigma.
    u cant spoil the ending cos I alredy know it mwahaha! Right. and by the way, NYSC – National Youth Corps Service. It’s an absolute rubbish one-year compulsaory service we all have to do after university. but I’ve lived to tell the tale so it probably didnt suck as much.

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