Alcohol, Girls & Sand

Hm, so it’s been a bit. This is reaching you from the inner recesses of my office. Yeah, I’m at the office on Sunday. But I didn’t come to work. Shh. Just thought I had to share.

Went for this crazy beach party at Alpha Beach on Saturday. It was aptly titled, ‘Alcohol, Girls & Sand’. I think. All of the above was available in excess. Thanks to the woman-like lateness of K, we didn’t leave Anthony until 2.30. And naturally, cos Lekki just sucks like that, we were in traffic for about 50 minutes. We argued with some area boys near the beach who wanted us to pay 200 bucks a person to get past. Finally we gave them 300 for all of us, and experienced a brief moment of confusion when we couldn’t find the venue. That’s when we saw a convoy of four cars, (which was unmistakably a Babcock affair) and we followed.

It was like a BU Class of 2006 reunion. People from our department, people from other departments, all of whom were supposed to be serving, many of which were not even supposed to be in the state. all there. It was mad. For lack of better words. I saw an old secondary school classmate who, well, looked very different. And from his behaviour (or maybe he was just drunk), he seemed to be seeing me in a whole new light. Most people arrived like 4 or 5, and by that point people were already beginning to get in the ‘spirit’ – in more ways than one. On entering, everyone was given a cup of something, which looked and almost tasted like mouthwash. I had to abandon it. The booze and barbeque were passing around freely, and B, her bf and I watched (and photographed) in safe and sober amusement as the sanity level of the people present gradually degenerated.

K, on one hand, was a tragedy WAITING to happen. He and D came with a rather larger bottle of Smirnoff, and he more or less downed about � of it, mixed with whatever new energy drink they’ve got going on these days. From experience, I know he’s almost gone when he starts going on his knees under the guise of dancing. By 5.30, 6, he’d gone down about 5 times. D was off somewhere clinging to some other guy’s girl and doing weird dance moves. He kept insisting he was alright, but we knew better. He couldn’t even look me properly in the eye. By 6.30, K disappeared, after spending the past 15 minutes randomly staring into space. We’d find out later he went to turn out his insides. Through the wrong way.

I took so many incriminating photos. People were dancing and looking a little crazy, and I wasn’t too inspired to dance, cos almost all the guys were tipsy and I didn’t feel like being groped. B and I made a half-hearted attempt to steal the other D’s Blackberry, and I would find out later that my blog was being ‘watched’. Hey, I gotta express myself, and if you think you’ve been mentioned in the mix. smile, you’re on the World Wide Web. 🙂

We finally left at 7.30pm, wondering how most of the guys there were going to get home in their varied states of drunkenness. We half-carried K to the guy and kept giving him water. B ordered us not to let him try and get home by himself; he finally did at the end, but he was with someone so we knew he won’t be stolen. He slept some of it off in the car. All the way back, D and I laughed, thinking of how much grief we’d give him when he finally sobered up, and all the foolishness the guys at the party were up to. The night ended rather unexpectedly.

It was fun. At least, I had fun watching the madness anyway. And I have PICTURES to prove it. They’ll be up soon. I promise.



5 thoughts on “Alcohol, Girls & Sand

  1. i assure you, if you had been there, chances are you would have beeen too wasted to drive home!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the weekend…even if it involved drunk, groping guys that can’t tell left from right.

  3. Are you serious? Was it that bad? But no thanks, I think I would have been alright. I don’t drink too much. Maybe you should invite me for the next one

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