Look Good, Feel Good, Baby

Hm, well, I’m better now. Last night was a total mess and I got home so DEPRESSED I could have jumped in front of a moving bus (I considered it actually).

By the end of work, I was moving in this daze, and I decided to take the 8pm bus cos I wasn’t in a hurry to go home, but I wanted to get home early enough to work on my new layout. So I get to the car park, enter the bus heading to Iyana-Ipaja, and chill.  Thing is, there was another bus that would have passed my area too, but it would have dropped me under the bridge at Anthony, and that area is dangerous, so I ignored it.

Even before I entered the bus I was not altogether there, and I felt burning in my eyes. Why, I could not tell you. I had too much alone time, and as is the case whenever I’m upset, all the possible things that could be wrong with me ran through my mind, and I just felt a bit like a failure.

The bus moves, gets back to the office, so the bitchy new driver would turn and say he was NOT going to stop at Anthony. I couldn’t believe it. I got down quickly to find the other bus, but I had missed it. While waiting, I just stood next to a rather optimistic security guard, who said I should just wait, it would come. So I stood there, sniffling to myself in the dark before giving up and heading back into the office. Most people had gone, and the truth was harsh. I had to take transport.

So I get to the bus stop, just to realise my smallest  note was 500 bucks. That was just not going to be worth trouble it would cause, considering as my first bus of the trip would only cost me N40. So i spend about 10 minutes searching for change. At 8.30pm. This didn’t help my mood. I felt a little helpless for a moment, and finally things got moving. Got my change, got my buses, and then got stuck in traffic.

I got home at a quarter to 10,just to get a text that D’s car was on the blink and once again I’d have to find my way to work. I think I became hysterical at that point cos I started laughing. No way so many stupid things could happen at once.

But it did.

Got to work this morning, and I got there so early, and ended up looking so good, my spirits lifted. Life goes on, abeg. I took a nice cup of Milo, which I haven’t done in ages. And to add to it, D’s not ending work till end of August. Go figure. Yesterday night feels like something that happened in a funny movie, and I can’t understand what came over me.



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