Totally Unusual Conversation Ep.1

B & I see a dude from our class and his brother at a fast food store. B is wearing her NYSC gear. I’m looking good in my suit.

I wave. They wave back.

B(as we reach the counter): We’re not eating here.

Me: Why?

B: Look at me!

Me: Oh, don’t be silly, isn’t he serving too?

We wait to order. Meanwhile, B goes on an emotional rollercoaster of indecision, as to whether to leave or stay.

She finally decides to stay, and goes to their table against my better judgment.

Guy1 to me: Hey. (*stares into space*)

Me: What’s up. Shouldn’t you be at work?

Guy1: What work?

Me: Uh… aren’t you supposed to be serving?

Guy1: Oh, yeah, I deferred it to September.

Me: Really? That’s not such a great idea, considering what’s going on with NYSC these days.

Guy1: Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.

Me: Right…

Weird silence as I eat my chips and watch him once again blank out, with a weird pouty frown that made me remember why we gave him his nickname (fashioned after a fictional male supermodel) back in school. I want to ask what he’s waiting for, but never do.

Meanwhile, B is trying to converse with his brother. Who is equally distracted.

Me: So, why weren’t you at the party on Saturday?

Guy1: What party?

Me (sighing, does he live under a rock?): At Alpha beach?

Guy1: Oh. Dunno.

B passes me a silent look. Guy1 gets up to order some chips.

B to Guy2: So, why are you guys here?

Guy2 to me: What did he tell you?

Me: Me? Nothing. I didn’t ask.

Guy2: Well, I’m not at liberty to say.

B: Why?

Guy2: Cos I’m not at liberty to say.

B: Right…

Guy2 (all of a sudden): We came to do a visa for his school.

B: Which country?

Me: Oh, is it the one across the street? (British)

B: Ohhh.

Guy2 comes back: So, ladies, it was nice seeing you guys.

Us: Yeah.

They leave.

Me: Liar, he said he was going to serve in September.

B: He did? Ah well, they’re both pathological liars.

Me: Hm.

B: And Guy2 is not cute anymore.

Me: I never thought he was.

Long silence as we finish our chicken.

Me: Those guys are so weird.


3 thoughts on “Totally Unusual Conversation Ep.1

  1. Whoah! Totally weird. Reading through it I felt the need to literally shove myself into some internet timezone and make it to Nig at the time you were having the convo. The first thing I would do is pull on their tongues and ask them to speak the ef up. Mumbling randon stuff is no fun.

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