In Good Company

Yeah, so I’m all good. Apparently. After a dreary lunch, D called and told me that he won’t be leaving early after all, so I got to go home with him.

It was a bit of a shock to open the car door and see him wearing some silly sky blue face cap, advertising some new product. It looked even sillier considering he was wearing a shirt and a tie. I had been hiding a smile before I got in, but the cap was a good excuse to let it all out. He, however, refused to be deterred and refused to take it off, claiming he’d been wearing it most of the day, and his colleagues thought he looked cool.

(This would have been good, if his colleagues didn’t apparently half-worship him, giving more to fuel the fire that is his over-inflated EGO.) I told him I was a true friend, and I won’t lie to him, but he said I should. Ah well.

Needless to say it was the company I had so needed. I felt a lot better when I got home, and I made the mistake of telling him. He believes its his charm.


Work sucks, as usual. And I’ve officially written it off for the week. My colleague slept for like an hour, and then had the audacity to attack me when I popped out later. She said ‘there was work to do’.

*eye roll* 


4 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. Well, work sucks, sorry girl, seems like your showing me my future (aaahhh!!!)
    lol@ the facecap and tie combo. lol

  2. @ la reine

    I should have taken a picture!


    thanks… but dont get too attached, I’m changing the layout very soon!!!!

  3. NO FINE BOYS IN NAIJA? take that back before i have to show my pic and prove you wrong.

    as for the layout, change it already

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