A Li’l Sum’in Sum’in

I feel like such a slacker! No post in almost a week….! OMG! I’m not doing well, I swear, I haven’t given my take on BBA 2, my movie reviews, or a couple of other topics.

So much has gone down, but first, I think it’s only fair to announce:


I feel great. Some friends and I were contemplating having a ceremonial burning of our uniform against throwing it in our irritating Camp co-ordinator’s face. We haven’t decided yet.

I haven’t been to work since Tuesday, and it’s been FUN. Despite the fact that we spent Wed and Thurs on camp, struggling (and by struggling I mean, lying on the tarred campground, reminiscing, gisting, eating and sleeping while waiting for something productive to happen) to sign that stupid register a.k.a. Book of Life. It was interesting, just flashing back to camp, those 3 weeks of torture and actually smiling. We realised that we DID have fun, but no-one would do it again tho. Finally signed 5.30pm on Thursday, after getting there 6.30 AM, and being #116 on the list (don’t some people go HOME?)

This weekend, I swore off Agbara, packed my handbag and headed off to the island for fun and games. Friday, I spoilt myself a little by going to see a movie i.e. Stomp the Yard (should SO MANY fine boys be in one movie? Why are there none in Nigereia?!??!?), and bingeing a bit. 🙂 Then I joined B and her sis and her friend for Salsa, where we did some ‘follow the leader’ moves. Fun stuff. We then decided at the last minute to crash an almost-over party, drink red wine and shamelessly ask for some barbeque to take home in a bag. 😀

Saturday, I was meant to go home, but like B said, I’m almost becoming part of the family. Her mum asked me to stay, and I did. So we took our sweet time in going to some weding, where we went to scout (shamelessly again) for some fine boys. We got there in time for the closing prayer. At the reception. Oops. But yet again, we esp, B’s sis and I took one-and-a-half S-Ice’s and happily smiled to the car, despite us getting no food. All dressed up and nowhere to go, we drove all the way to the Palms, tortured ourselves a bit and left again, to go home and …. hmm, can’t remember.

Sunday, was meant to go home, but once I was asked to stay, and we hit some get-together in Ikeja.

It’s funny, I saw someone when I went to see my movie on Friday, and I told him I was going to stay at B’s. And the first thing he said was, “You’re going to party, aren’t you?”. I said no, and he didn’t believe me. gUES WHY. Only at B’s house.

I’m happy I’m getting out a bit. Once work starts for real, I fear I may be a bit screwed socially. Oh well, fingers crossed. I’m going to go iron my NYSC shirt. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Li’l Sum’in Sum’in

  1. Hey Onyeka! I love your blog! I just checked out ur deviantart gallery and WOW! I love the zodiac collection you’ve got. Please make a lot more of these kind of things o!

    Congratulations on finishing NYSC, Where do you plan on working??

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