They Tried to Ruin My Life, But…

So… I wish I could have posted on Tuesday night. To express my misery. NYSC refused to give my certificate. Said I had an extension. Along with B’s sister. Actually hers was a different reason. But we were distraught. On Wednesay, I went to the secretariat, and the stories they were telling me got me so frustrated. Said I had to work till November.

By about 3 in the afternoon, when B’s sis got hers, and I had made no progress… I lost it. I tried, but I couldn’t control myself. B’s sis was looking at me in confusion.

For the record, I don’t usually cry in public. None of my fiends have seen me cry. But the possibilty that I would be earning a corper’s salary for another 2 months was VERY depressing.

But long story short, I got it on Friday. So I’m happy. Was supposed to go out partying last night, but all people were either ill or lazy. So we stayed up late watching ‘Boy Meets World’, season 1. The only human show Disney got right. As opposed to those messes called ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘Suite Life’, adn the worst… HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

But I won’t complain. My friends call my blog my rant page. Hm. I have to go to agbara. Sigh. Don’t feel like. I also don’t feel like going to work. So I lied to them. 🙂 But I might go next week, cos I’m feeling guilty.

I’m weird, I know.

P.S. I’ll start posting better when I get back to work. Scout’s Honour


4 thoughts on “They Tried to Ruin My Life, But…

  1. ur experience is too bad. it happens all the time; has even happened to an uncle, where a police officer shot at and bashed in an uncle’s car. by the time, we were through with him, he replaced even the car footmats.

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