Totally Unusual Conversation Ep.2

The end result of waiting for too long to pay for items in a store.

Person 1: Hmm, I’ve been meaning to get a couple of those.
Person 2: Oh, those? Feel free, they just N130.
Person 1: I’m not sure, which one though… Those are… ribbed?
Person 2: Oh, yeah. I heard somewhere… ‘Ribbed for your pleasure.’
Person 1(smiling): …Or … Oooh, those ones are flavoured… Maybe…
Person 2: Well, yeah, but according to -, the flavour is for YOU, if you know what I mean, so unless you’re planning on…
Person 1 (shaking head): Ah… no I don’t think so.
Person 2: Which size will you get? It says here… There’s small, medium and large…
Person 1: I think I’ll just get medium, play it safe, right?
Person 2: I guess, but I think there’ll be issues if large was actually needed… Or small…
Person 1: Small? Then I’ll definitely have a complaint!
Person 2: Probably, but what can you do? For better or worse, right?
Person (resigned): Yeah, i guess…

3 thoughts on “Totally Unusual Conversation Ep.2

  1. I think banks have come a long way in a few years… and they would go further in a little more. Its a pity the government wants to frustrate Soludo out of office before he’s able to complete what he started.

  2. lol@Peeve#1 – singing in adverts. I think that whole thing began over here in the UK with the Halifax bank adverts. They’ve been going for about 6-7years now so i think i’ve accepted them as a necessary evil. When they first began tho’, they were extremely irritating, as was the main character (a black guy called Howard) who appeared in all of them. Thankfully, over here, none of the other banks/building societies have followed suit!!!

  3. Er…I dont know which is funnier..the blog or the TOTALLY un-related comments above…??
    You shoulda helped out..for best results..go for “studded AND flavored”…

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