So the Drama

Read on if you want to find out how I got hit by a car, and somehow lived to tell the tale (I’m not kidding), ALMOST got robbed on my way to work this morning, ALMOST got flogged on the street, somehow succeeded in pissing my dad off major (yet again), and went gyrating with a couple of celebrities. All in one weekend.

Yeah, as B so rightly put it, drama follows em everywhere. Except for the place I actually want it.

I felt a shove and a massive slap followed by the sound of breaking of glass. I screamed, ‘Jesus!’ cos I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Dull pain flowed through my right arm and went through my right side.

I decided to go to B’s house after work on Friday, but getting there was somehow difficult. It had rained all day, and the traffic in VI was depressing. Add to that, MTN was more messed up than ever AND my phone was pissing me off by going off every other minute. B’s sis (who for convenience, I’m going to start calling C) came to my office to inquire about work. I wanted to follow her home, but I couldn’t find her, and thanks to MTN, couldn’t call her. Needless to say I got abandoned. To add to my frustration, they were doing some send off in my department – some chick was apparently moving to Chevron, you could almost smell the envy – and I ended up being a waitress. I finally escaped my office at 7.30 and followed someone to Ikoyi, but got off too early and couldn’t find a bike willing to go to Dolphin.

Story #1: So I found a bike, got on and we zoomed off into the night. The entire time, all I could think of was C, who’d had an accident a few weeks back on an okada.

It’s almost as I willed what happened next. The bike guy, foolishly tried to squeeze between a car and the curb, and the bike scraped noisily against the cement. If I hadn’t yelled and lifted my foot, disaster would have ensued. Meanwhile, my slipper had cut. The guy offered to take me into the estate, I chose to walk.

Story #2: So, there we were waiting for the time to be ripe so we could go for Wildchild’s bash. You know, the radio Dj? Apparently I know people who know people. I got an angry text from my dad about me not coming home. I wasn’t sure what exactly was annoying him, the fact that I had no plans to go to Agbara, or that I wasn’t coming to Anthony that Friday night. I was a little bothered, cos he can be tres horrible when he’s angry, but I explained it in a text to him and decided that I couldn’t kill myself. There’s little anyone does that makes him happy anyway. I put off my phone and decided not to let it ruin my night.

Went to this bar place at City Mall, called Swe. I can honestly say I’ve never really been to that place. City Mall that is. Not really sure why. We hung out, me, B, her bf, his friend and her sisters. I wasn’t really up to dancing, cos the DJ was a bit dry, but we waited while the guys VERY SLOWLY finished their drinks. Why the HELL do guys drink like it’s tea? They can be on a glass for YEARS. Good gracious.

After almost 2 hours we moved on to the Coconut Grove. Stupid name for a crappy club. I’d been given a lot of pre-meeting hype before meeting Wild Child, so I expected this black Justin Timberlake. My bad. He was kinda cute, but I think my friends use the ‘cute’ word too freely. He’s also kinda hyper and looked like he ought to still be in school, so more grease to his elbow. The DJ was rubbish, and the moment where I start dancing and never sit down never came. Good songs were few and far between, and add to that, C was half-nodding. I danced just a little, but by around 1 or 2, I was done. C and I jammed the Kora, the chick that plays the teenage daughter on ‘Edge of Paradise’ in the loo. C proceeded to name drop and pass her card. Later, we had some peoblems at first cos B was the only one that didn’t want to leave, but we finally did.

Story #3: We got to the car, and we were talking and I faced my door to open it. Then a couple of things happened very quickly. I felt a shove and a massive slap followed by the sound of breaking of glass. I screamed, ‘Jesus!’ cos I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Dull pain flowed through my right arm and go through my right side. I just leaned further on the car and took deep breaths, making sure my arm was neither broken nor bleeding, before wildly wondering what my father would have said if had gotten killed while going partying. I finally became aware of everyone fussing over me, except for B’s bf and his friend, who seemed too drunk or nonchalant to care. I found out that the side-mirror of a Jeep had broken off on my arm. The driver, who was most likely drunk, had been driving too close to the parking area. He stopped some distance away, and probably decided it would be best if he kept moving. Asshole. I then thought foolishly that my fatty arm and C, who had pulled me out of the way had saved me from permanent damage. I hadn’t even noticed it coming. The car had been approaching from my blind spot.

We briefly kept the side mirror, finally throwing it away where the driver couldn’t come back and find it. I placed some ice to appease it, but it still hurts til now.

Due to my dad’s touchiness, I hung out with some friends Saturday and went back to Anthony grateful I wouldn’t have to see his face for a few days. Sunday was dry, I went to work, to kill time, and get some stuff done. On my way back, they were doing some masquerade festival crap at Obalende and people were chasing others with long canes. I had to hide in corners a couple of times. It was silly and time consuming. I went to see D after, but he was making fun of the fact that I was jobless at home, so I got irritated and left him.

This morning, on my way to the Staff bus stop at Town planning, an okada guy warned me that there were a couple of guys waiting on a bike around the corner. They were thieves. I’ve already had my bag snatched before, so I wasn’t eager to turn the bend by myself… I slowed down till I saw another person, and we turned it together. The guy was nice enough to walk me to a safe spot.

I haven’t gotten my resumption letter. Dammit. I’m going to miss training AND not get a full salary this month.

Why me?


4 thoughts on “So the Drama

  1. i don’t blame ur pops. Pretty daughters is the main ingredient for parental paranoia. Hope ur arm’s fine now.

  2. Oh dear!! All in one weekend!!! Although they aren’t all positive experiences, these are the things that make me miss that place!!! I hope your arm is better though

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