I Have Nothing to Write About.

In an unusual twist, I have little to blog about this week, a fact that bothers me, cos it gives the impression that now I’m a full-fledged working chick, my life has become eventless. But I guess it has more to do with the fact that what I really want to blog about, I can’t cos it’s not just share-worthy. Yet. I’ve spent the whole week flitting between getting my job regularized and meeting some rubbish deadline, which apparently didn’t matter cos I still had to come to work today.

How ironic. 8 months as a corper, with lovely 3-day weekends, and the week I finally become a full staff with only 2 days to sleep and play, I have to show up because SOMEONE doesn’t have our time during the FIVE DAY week. Usually I wouldn’t mind, but I really need to get my hair done, and I also wanted to go to Agbara this weekend. But the way things are going, I’ll only be able to do one of the two. Sigh. In that case, might as well go see the other B today. After work. Or, I could go do my hair, and then go to B’s on Sunday… hmm.

Anyway, I worry that I have nothing to say. I visited my own blog everyday; quite sure I had something to share, but… nothing. I would actually like to write about Big Brother, but then I’m like… why?

Hmm, I need to re-assess. Get a boyfriend, maybe. But then I’d probably be in such a good mood I’d NEVER have anything to say.



6 thoughts on “I Have Nothing to Write About.

  1. Guess you’ve not really thought of something to write about.

    There are many things to write about, the list is endless.
    I feel that way too, but when it happens, just relax and suspend writing.
    You can write some other time.

    As far as you’re alive, you can write many things, your everyday experience in the world.

  2. I once said you should change the way your blog looked. I always use firefox. But I just viewed it in internet explorer. It looks great there. Have you figured out why it doesnt look that way in firefox?

  3. Yeah I just realised that when I started using Firefox recently. I really don’t know why it does that. IT’s a bit embarassing. I’ve noticed the same thing on some other customised blogger blogs.
    My apologies, I’m currently working on moving my blog off blogger, so this will rectified soonest!!!!

  4. since u said u used just HTML it doesn’t really matter. I asked cos some of these newer technologies aren’t supported in some browsers.

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