Totally Unsual Conversation Ep.3

2 agberos are walking on a rainy night.

Agbero 1: Men, dis rain no good, o.
Agbero 2: At all.
Agbero 1: Dis kain weather na film.
Agbero 2: Eh?
Agbero 1: Dis rain now! Its dis kain weada u suppose dey watch film.
Agbero 2: Ah! She…
Agbero 1 (sligthtly dreamy voice): One go just dey inside, put off light, dey watch film wit som warm babe and eh..
Agbero 2: Na you know. Wetin we dey do outside here sef?
Agbero 1(hissing) : I no know o….

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