What, Boring? Me?

Hm, the way things are, it seems I’ll have to accept the fact that NOTHING interesting will happen in my life till weekends.

And if my weekends are going to be THIS eventful, then I can deal with it.

Deciding to put away a little staff bus drama from that morning (I’m not sure if it’s okay to talk about it just yet), B and I had plans to go Salsa Friday night, but too many things went wrong, and come 7.15pm I was sitting in the Staff bus again. Sometime that week C had told me about a certain networking thing called S.H.A.R.E.

I was jobless enough to register. B made fun of us, that we were sad and desperate. In ur face! It took some work, but I pulled along an old classmate that works at gtb(I was required to bring a male friend). Saturday, after a hot stint at Computer Village ( I found Adobe CS3 design Premium, HOLY COW), I find out that I had become a statistic when it came to having money ‘stolen’ from you at the ATM…

Let me digress for a moment and send a shout to GTB. You guys SUCK!!!! I mean, you guys have lovely buildings, pretty ATM cards (which is actually what inspired me to open an account while at camp… it was only 500 bucks!) and all that, but the little things apparently are not worth taking time to address, are they? I applied for internet banking quite a while ago, and asked when I would get my pin and stuff, but apparently GTB is ‘sooo cool’, they’ll send it to my box. I was doubtful, but what do I know, right? A week passes. Irritable, I go back, fill the form AGAIN, and am reassured that I’ll get it. No dice. I completely forget about the Internet Banking for like a month, then go to another branch, because I was bored. They’re a little more effective in that branch, and by Monday, I get it. But… one fine day, due to some foolishness on my part, I type in the wrong password a few times. And apparently they can’t tell you that your account will be locked if you do that. So just GUESS what happened next. I went back, and once again was assured that I’d get a reset sent to my box. That was 2 weeks ago. And now, to piss me off more, the ATM apparently debited my account TWICE for one transaction. Unfortunately, the amount it took was ALL of my remaining cash. You a*holes.

Anyway, as I was saying. Saturday evening, C and I hopped in the car with AC (it was sweltering) and went for our ‘meeting’. I was a little concerned at first when I was given WEDDING PLANNER magazine upon sitting down. I mean… weddings are just soo far away from me right now. But it was fun. We engaged in those age-long boy-girl debates. At the end of the day we did a bit of a vote and C apparently won a movie ticket.

Sunday evening I did the same, despite the fact that B and C stood me up. And this time I won something. Yeah, go me. I also found that they were a lot more people who were addicted to Facebook than I thought.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Independence Weekend! He-llo! 3 days of FUN FUN FUN… or if my dad is being difficult…SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. But first, I have to get through THIS week… Yawn…


3 thoughts on “What, Boring? Me?

  1. Independence weekend, fun; independence weekend, fun; independence weekend, fun;

    no matter how many times i type it, I just can’t relate the two. My life is like John Grisham’s A Painted House. Plenty of fun expected, too little delevered.

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