Flashback 1: Social Misfits

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via FoxyTunes (Ed:This is part one of a special series of stories I’m going to share about my past.

I’m going to dedicate this to a close friend of mine…)

Recently, I was talking to a close chum from secondary school, and she suddenly says, ‘You know, we turned out alright, didn’t we?’ I’m confused at first, and then she clarifies and I think, hmm, she’s right.

The 2 of us bonded over art. So , as you can imagine, normalcy was out of it from the word ‘go’. We weren’t social butterflies in school. You know them, those boys and girls in your class that constantly look and act like they’re hot stuff. It’s a universal characteristic of adolescent education. To be fair, we all wore uniforms, but you could ALWAYS tell. Looked the most conspicuous and danced the most at our rare social events, had the most elaborately weaved hair, had their little cliques… all that stuff. Some of them were quite tolerable, in fact. In junior school, they even NAMED their clique *eye roll*. It was more famous for the silliness than anything else. I was pretty grounded, and thus, never cared. I had other problems. I never considered myself a catch in secondary school. I was (still am) overweight, and I had a creepy, grey left eye that people actually noticed a lot less than i thought. My friend was better off, I felt. Slim and neat, and perfect looking. But we weren’t in that crowd.

On the flipside however, as she so bluntly put it, we didn’t qualify to be nerds either. Some people over-compensate for their poor social life with academics, we just … didn’t.

I mean, we weren’t DULL. I did well enough, especially in Biology and English (2 awards I DESERVED to get IMHO, but lost to some other chick and class valedictorian respectively, pah!), but again we weren’t geniuses. Ironic, as we sat right in front of class. Upon reflection, I’m not quite sure why I did that. I used to nod like crazy, and half the time, when the class was half-full i’d move to the windows of the back to write. She was the TD guru, and together we.. yup, alternated the fine art prize each year till our finals.

I think, now, that people had a bit of a problem with the two of us, and I heard a lot of stupid comments from those people. A few people liked to call me her ‘follower’, or make a remark about our size difference, one of my teachers (a religious, and vaguely touchy guy) said I must be jealous of her just because she had a bf. Totally unnecessary, dude. But mostly, we were called the ‘Corona Twins’ (yeah, I went to THAT school). At the end of the day, in our final year, when we practically head-to-head for the Fine Art prize, our Art teacher (great guy, instilled in me the absolute refusal to use erasers when drawing, and as such I only draw in pen) gave me the prize, while she took the TD. But there were no hard feelings cos everyone was happy. Girl, you were happy, right???

We weren’t perfect ourselves, I recall for a few months we kind of just drifted apart, and till today, I’m not really sure why, I know there are things we did that offended each other (is that English correct?!?), but we defied the odds, didn’t we?

And these days, I’ve recovered a little from the complex that plagued me, and not to toot my own horn, I’m a bit of a babe. No Halle, but I get by. 🙂 She too, is looking great. We still aren’t solving rocket science, but she’s close. Closer than I am anyway. I just want the world to look pretty.

Now playing: Republica – Ready to go
via FoxyTunes


8 thoughts on “Flashback 1: Social Misfits

  1. I understand that you don’t want to toot your own horn. Here, let me help: toot, toot, toot.

    A clique called eye roll? I thot it couldn’t get sillier than the one from first year at the university : G Unit. I obviously thot wrong.

    Don’t know what exactly about it, but I kinda liked this post.

  2. No, it wasnt called eye roll!!! That just meant I was roling my eyes at the IDEA. They had a funnier name, actually…
    BTW, I’m glad u liked it.

  3. Hmmmmmm…being my forst visit here..its appropriate to say hi…and how are you doin…

    Nice page though it needs some touching…

  4. Nice post. It made me think back to my secondary school days (that’s a lot of thinking!!!) and its funny, but even tho’ cliques existed (i prefer to call them groups of friends), we all seemed to be happy in our groups. Or maybe that’s just the blissful ignorance that comes from being secure in a group – you don’t really notice the others who are outside it….

  5. babe – u never fail to surprise me – and of course no hard feelings (i didn’t end up majoring in art anyway). PLease who said that u were jealous of me , and i was ok looking? gosh, you’re too kind. And yes since this is not my blogg and i wouldn’t have anyone to do it for me, I AM A BABE NOW!!! And pretty smart too. BOOYAA!!!

  6. @ Eji

    But… u WERE ok-looking… a little crazy nw and then, but you know…

    @ugo daniels
    i didn’t like high school too much… it was something i think i just breezed through.

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