I Have Weird Office Habits

I have to tell someone.

I do little jigs in the loo when I’m the only one there. Yes, it’s true. There are a lot of mirrors, and its nice and bright, so just as I’m about to go out the door, I tend to do some weird dance moves.
I’ve never been caught.

I also do little jigs in the elevator. I do it a bit less there cos elevators give me the heebbie-jeebies. At the same time, I also like riding elevators. Especially the back one in my office. If i’m at work on the weekend, I just take it from the 1st straight to the 8th floor and back.
I’ve also never been caught.

Little foolish things excite me like ‘jiggin’ in front of a security camera or swiping my id card to open the door.

I kneel on my swivel chair and proceed to spin around with my feet dangling.
I’ve been caught (and made fun of) on occasion.

I’m constantly changing the ringtone of my office phone. It always magically (and annoyingly) changes back by morning. I think someone disconnects the phone while cleaning.

I have three thermo-mugs at different locations on my table. One is mine, and got stolen for a while, before I found it again in Engineering. The other two are not mine, I stole them, and really have no intention of returning back. I don’t feel bad cos I can count the number of people here that are actually using their own stuff on one hand.

I like receiving calls and typing at the same time. It makes me feel like I’m actually having a productive conversation that will move the company forward (which I never really do).

That said, it’s FRIDAY!!! Long weekend ahead! I’ve booked the next 2 and a half days full, and i’m excited.

Happy Independence Day in advance!

5 thoughts on “I Have Weird Office Habits

  1. I do the dancing-for-the-toilet mirror thing a lot as well. And more than a few times, it has crossed my mind that the mirror is 2-way with a camera hidden at the back and at some yet undiscovered office here, we are being monitored (Too much Robert Ludlum shey?)

  2. @ bighead,
    OMG I TOTALLy get that feeling sometimes. I tend to stop and see if i can see someone watchin me. It’s not good to be a lunatic o.


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