Independence Weekend Groove

I don’t disappoint. I said I was going to have a rockin’ weekend, and I DID. (*insert evil laugh here*)


Despite my Friday not starting out too well, what with our staff bus going AWOL on us at 6 in the morning. When a fellow staffer with a car passed by and told us the bus wasn’t coming, I think I knew how lost sheep felt like. These are generally tired people who expected an easy, AC’d ride work, being told that they have to find their way themselves. We looked foolish and confused for about 2 minutes before quietly dispersing to find transport. To add insult to injury, I was carrying an extra bag of clothes and my jacket. But the higher power was kind, the day literally zoomed by. Amen to that.

The good stuff started at about 7, when B (now to be called Bubu) kinda picked me up from work. I say kinda cos I had to walk a fair distance in my heels to meet up with her cos she initially didn’t feel like driving down my street. I was too happy when leaving the office to be bothered by anything. All the problems I was having with my latest project at work suddenly fell into place, and I told anyone that cared that I was going for salsa. Salsa was good. We didn’t get there on time though, so they’d already started the lesson for the day, which included some annoying, spinning move. We did it like 50 times, and at a point, I gave up cos I was seeing double. There was a fun group dance bit at the end too. Bubu was lamenting about her heels, as was I. We originally planned to go out a la ‘Sex and the City’, but felt too tired to be bothered.

We instead went home, bought suya and a lil som’in som’in and tried (and failed) to watch ‘Heroes’, we eventually fell asleep amidst foolish giggling and dizziness.


I woke up at 7 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Which reminds me, I really seem to be suffering from some weird insomnia. I sleep late and wake up early and it’s ticking me off. Anyway, I proceeded to do some early morning browsing and textually harass a couple of people. With a lot of effort we woke up Viva (formerly C, aka Bubu’s sis) and we (slowly) got to Yaba by ten for some quickie shopping. We got back, got dressed, and Ib and Ter came over. Our next destination? Lekki Conservation Center for Kitty ( formerly A)’s bday thingy. There were a lot of other people that we knew that came. All guys. Story of my life. I spend most of my years terrorizing (or being hated by) guys, and now 80% percent of my friends are dudes.

It was fun. We watched the animals. I mean that literally. We watched that none of the monkeys dived into our food, laughed when Big Brother (formerly known as K, I call him that cos the way we bicker, I referred to him as the big brother I never had) ran from the peacocks. Yes, you can say what you want, you pansy, you’re scared of BIRDS!!! Took pictures and the lot. Big Brother was amazingly late, and almost got there when we were leaving. He took a large container of Heiny home. Kitty followed us back, and we decided to hop over to Silverbird and catch a late movie, Disturbia. By the way, there are REALLY too many small boys and girls feeling sexy in that place. It’s a horrifying and humbling experience every time we go there. Inciting upsetting thoughts in the hearts of older men, tsk. But that’s for another day. I met up with a new friend, but had to leave with the girls.

On the way home, my dad called and got all touchy on me cos I was spending another night at Bubu’s place. He wanted me to go back to Anthony, but it was like 9.30, and I’m not retarded enough.


Woke up early. Again. Started thinking about the issue with my dad and couldn’t get back to sleep. NEPA then struck. Bless. We contemplated church, but wasted so much time getting ready, and then no light and we made the mistake of going downstairs for breakfast… You know what I mean. Four of us, ie, Bubu, Viva, Kitty and I proceeded to gist for a couple of hours on everything that was wrong with our jobs, lives, Oprah, Africa, and the world while slurping Indomie, peppersoup flavour. I got the job of washing the dishes. We probably would have been there for ages if Ter hadn’t shown up and inspired us to go bathe.

We went to Taqwa Bay. This’ll be my fourth time. I think I’ve been there every year since the first time back on October 2, 2004. This time around we were able to get Kitty to come. Or actually, Big Bro was able to get Kitty to come. She tolerated the boat ride better than I thought, but then it wasn’t going as fast as I would have liked. There was a bit when it turned a corner and nearly tipped us over. That was cool. We hung out, ate frosted groundnuts (as I call em), and took pics like lunatics, before leaving about 2 hours later. Bubu had a brief tiff with some local Igbo ashys while on the boat. Kitty actually contemplated throwing a groundnut into one of them’s gaping bum shorts. But we all knew that those chicks could have any of us in a fight. We went for another salsa stint, but the instructors were very late, so after 45 minutes of dancing around foolishly we went home. I went back to Anthony.


Woke up early. Dammit. Decided to do some housework. My mum decided to ruin my day by teling me my dad was coming that afternoon. Went to surulere to meet the girls but ended up wasting 3 hours while they ghot their hair did. Traffic on the island was miserable, and it was scorching.We went shopping and bought food, then I decided to go home early to face my dad. It went the way I thought it would. Finally was in bed by 8.30, but couldn’t sleep till past ten, go figure. Woke up at varying times during the night, and by the time I was in the staff bus this morning, and I couldn’t sleep, I literally had tears in my eyes.

The weekend was fun, and I’m glad I didn’t let my family issue ruin it. However I AM very tired. But the interesting news is that Muslim Holdays might be next Thursday and Friday. Can someone say BOOYAH!?

3 thoughts on “Independence Weekend Groove

  1. @ eji,
    ill send u a mail

    @ busola ak
    i dont like ur tone of voice, woman. i did it for MY convenience. if u have a problem, contact my lawyer.

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