Happy! Happy! Happy!

So… I’m back. To be fair, I guess I wasn’t gone long enough to be missed online, but at least, I know someone out there missed me… or whatever. My body went all funny on me from last Wednesday. I think it was reacting to me not wanting to be at work, or maybe the general lack of sleep I was suffering from. I was tired and not just feeling anything I was meant to be doing. Thus, I got NOTHING done. Wednesday I got a cough (which hasn’t gone BTW), by night time, I felt ache-y. My mind went to the only thing I could think of… malaria. Come Thursday morning, I woke up late, and found I felt completely fine. I should have juts skived off work, but NOOO, not me. I went to work by 12. The instant I sat down, I felt like crap in a bottle. I couldn’t believe it. I was weak, and unfocused and impatient. By the close of work, I said, screw it, and slept like a baby on Friday morning while my mum fed me with pills. Annoyingly, again, by afternoon, I felt good and popped out to loosen my braids. By night, the cycle repeated. I kept doing this to myself, until Sunday, when I finally decided to just crash, thanks to Actifed. I can honestly say I slept all through Sunday. Guess how I feel now. 🙂

I felt good this morning, despite not liking my outfit too much, and I got to work, to realize just HOW MANY people missed me. Aw… To add to this, I heard some REALLY REALLY good news about our pay. Oh happy day…

There’s one more thing I’m feeling good about, but … (*sing song voice*) I’ll never tell… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy! Happy! Happy!

  1. I think I can guess as well. There are not many things that will make a young lady smile so cheekily.

    Also can you explain how crap in a bottle feels? I like that metaphor and I will steal it with your permission.

    Good to see you are back on your feet 🙂

  2. I refuse to believe I’m THAT transparent…!!!

    @ atutupoyoyo,
    dude, you have official permission to steal it! I have no idea where i got that line from… it just sounded good at the time… 🙂

  3. loving ur page…looks nice! and keep preaching it o…thanks much! all dem naive and ignorant mugus need to take note!

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