Quickie Update

Considering how long it took me to open Word, I can’t exactly call it QUICK. I have a system plagued by Trojans.

I’ve updated my blog roll. To be fair, I was subscribed to most of the blogs for ages, but I was lazy to update my template (which I still haven’t started work on). Oh, and I also made my header image a link back to the home page (a fair feat, believe me).

Anyway, my weekend was mostly dry. Went to Agbara, slept all through, and decided to escape Agbara yesterday afternoon to engage in ‘other’ activities. I’d talk about the traffic I had to endure on Thursday, but it was generally a crappy day, and I don’t feel like sharing.

I hate my hair. Did some thing that I feel is a cross between something my mum would do and a cheap 70’s afro style. A few people at work said they liked it, but what do they know? Doesn’t help that a certain someone cracked like, 10 jokes over it on Sunday. It’ll be gone by Friday night.

Apparently I might soon be moving out. It’s something that’s happening quicker than I thought. Never has the road to freedom looked so foreboding. It’s a really good offer. Best I’ve heard in a while… ok, EVER, and I know if I wait till January like I wanted, I might regret it. I’m so confused. And if I pay now, it means I’ll have to wait a while longer for an ipod and a new phone, the latter of which I desperately need. Will talk to mother, she knows best.

I’m also faintly broke. I’m not starving or anything, but considering what I earned last month, it’s an embarrassing balance to have more than a week before the next pay-day.

I’m considering buying Fidelity shares. But what do I know? I’ve bought 3 sets of shares this year, and I STILL don’t have a broker. I admit it, I’m lazy. And I have only received the share certificate for ONE.

I’m also having body image issues. Nothing new there, but it’s bugging me more than usual these days, so for like, the millionth time in my short life, I’m on a diet.

Speaking of the body, I still have that damned cough. I’ve conceded defeat and started OD’ing on cough syrup.

I’m wearing a new suit. I like it loads.

Did I mention I really hate my hair?



10 thoughts on “Quickie Update

  1. Body image issues? Now I have a better term to describe my sister’s problem. Buying dem public offers isn’t such a bad idea cos getting a good broker is a bit expensive; most of the bigger ones ask for a portfolio of >500k. Good luck with that though and shine yur eyes so yu don’t get stuck with the kind that almost convinced me that stock-buying was a bad idea.

  2. ER… yeah, my sentiments exactly, bighead. Your stock broker tried to convince you to not buy shares?!??

    2 things, eji, my love. Forgive me for wht i did, but you must realise that this is the INTERNET and that ref to the person you ref’d might give off the wrong idea to the wrong ppl, dig? :))
    Secondly, i hated the hair from the moment I did it, so everyone and their mum could have said I looked like beyonce, so it won’t have made much diff. However, it’s growing on me. I’ve looked pretty good these past coupla days…
    Don’t be fooled. I’m not the MOST ‘secure’ person ever.

  3. hey, just ur luck, i work in a stock broking firm in V/I, about the 100/500k deposit, just 4 firms who r tryn overly hard to meet up with d their target.
    opening a cscs acct n maintaining 1 in a house is meant to b free, with charges only paid at purchasing n selling of stocks in d secondary mkt. fidelity is a good buy, and u shd look at japaul oil n marine…its going for about 3.95, its got potentials n we’re looking 10.00 by next yr.
    gosh i’ve blabbed, but u could contact me if u think i could help u.

  4. its amazing that you would tell me you’re not ‘secure’… when you’re so OBVIOUSLy beautiful… omo you fine oh… i just saw the comment i left on your last post.. i didnt even know about these ‘issues’ and said that so you know its not to make you feel better or that kinda bullshit.. you really are gorgeous. omo i was drinking cough syrup at one point to deal with migraines when advil extra strenght and tylenol werent working.. lol talk about home remedy… and i had that looking good feeling just today… i looked in the mirror and i smiled at my self ‘dang babe… you look good’.. and i walked out(i have issues abi? omo no one will love you more than you… ) i realized i say omo a lot.. funny cos i’m igbo oh… lol… too much lagos influence… and i feel you on the hair thing oh.. if its not working for me its not working.. doesnt matter if other ppl like it.. speaking of hair i’m thinking to do jet black curls for the first time in my life(i’m more of a blondie blond chick oh)… and i feel you on the broke thing… i NEEd one watch like that soon(dont ask me wassup with my current watch obsession.. i’d have no answers… )

  5. @ fantasy queen
    – oh really? maybe you could help me out then. We actually have a Securities subsidiary, but I’ve been hesitating to go ask cos they recently put a 1m limit, and im worried it’ll be the same for staf… Ill send you a mail. Or something.

    @ eji
    🙂 i get ya!

    @overwhelmed naija babe
    hey, thanx. really. to be painfully honest, it’s my weight i have issues with, not much else.
    and dont worry, i’m always saying ‘dude’. The hair i did is actually jet black curls. Go figure. Maybe I’ll take a pic. 3rd day down, and im liking it more.

  6. How else do I interpret a stockbroker taking about a year to buy shares ordered for?

    @fantasy queen: I’m interested too. Where do yu work? I guess I’ll post this on your blog too

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