Random Post: Interesting Links

Thanks for the responses to my last post. I think the way forward is to just have a civilized talk, even though I admit I’m not looking forward to the heat after. I’ve decided to not think about it till tonight.

In the meantime, I’ve been very active on the net today:

Black People are Less Intelligent. Saw this link on undacovasista‘s blog. I was stunned more by how many people believed it more than anything else.

The Mystery Deepens. Sarcasm at its finest. Someone apparently claimed they saw an apparition of the late Pope John Paul II. Once again check out the comments.

An Open Letter to Nigerian Women. Apparently, Nigerian women are the cause of every problem, and men are just helpless sods. *eye roll* Check out the 6th Verse. Total bollocks, if i ever heard it. The guy’s gullible as hell. And probably bitter. Probably dumped by a girl that refused to sleep with him for a richer, more fun dude. Probably. Yeah, I’m just hating on the guy.

10 Least Romantic Songs Ever. The one about the girl crystallizing cracked me up, and the one on the 10 Most Asinine Movie Twist Endings. At this point, I’ll encourage you to just go through most of the lists on Cracked.com. Brilliant (funny) way to kill time at work.

Mango Languages. If you’re looking to learn a new language, and you got earphones and time, it’s pretty good.


9 thoughts on “Random Post: Interesting Links

  1. Come, something in your life must be suffering for all this web surfing? Is it work? Food? Sleep? For me it work and study. *sigh*

    I had read James Watson’s comments previously. I’m a little offended cos he’s white. If a black man said it, no problem. But I also read today that he apologized/denied.

    The pope john thing was so funny especially the comparisons to elvis, mccartney and the tennis player and the comments. Did you see this one:

    Posted by: Adam | 17 Oct 2007 17:37:44

    I can think of no better place for a pope than on a pyre – a fate to which the Roman Catholic church’s intolerance consigned many of its innocent victims

    The guy is most definitely gay and frustrated

    Talking about frustrated guys… the most interesting line in the open letter to nigerian women is “…Too much sex is not good for you. …”

    I’m defintiely bookmarking cracked.com…lol lol

  2. I’d say ‘work’ cos I only browse at work. But something tells me I wont have been getting much done anyway. It’s dull stuff.

    My best comments from the Mystery one is

    you mean he came back, and the bastards burned him? They must be gutted.

    POSTED BY: ADAM | 17 OCT 2007 17:37:44

    This was probably caused by Global Warming. (Everything else is.)

    POSTED BY: FRANK UPTON | 18 OCT 2007 14:22:02

    If the late Pope wanted to send a message to the living world, wouldn’t he choose something a little more solid than appearing for a fraction of a second in a fire that a handful of people were watching, one of whom, through his own free will, had a camera and took a picture at the critical moment?

    Personally, if I were him, I’d manifest in a loaf of bread or a root vegetable or something.

    POSTED BY: STEVE WILDS | 18 OCT 2007 18:24:35

    thanx for checking em out!

  3. I absolutely love the one about the planet of the apes in asinine movie twist endings – with a pic of his head in his hands, priceless. I’ve been here for about 2 hrs now. Girl u really need to get a job that actually pays u cus u r doing something

  4. hm, eji, im not sure if that last line was a compliment upon my browsing skils or something else! But 10x anyway!

  5. Lol.
    Nice posts.
    I learnt about James Watsons remark a week ago. I’ve brushed it off as one of those ridiculously silly things yo u get to hear every now and then.
    Like the Holocaust never happened.
    Or Nigeria is one of the coolest countries in the world.

    I dont know why you’re getting heat for browsing.
    Way i see it..
    Knowledge is a cool weapon to have handy.
    You cant have too much of it.
    Hope you sorted out your moving out proposal with your folks.
    Maybe you reached a compromise…

    like say..

    You move into the tree house your Dad will build for you….

  6. @carlang
    lol. i feel you. the house thing is on hod right now!

    always happy to share my ‘time-burning’ tools!

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