Gone Crazy, Back Soon

Well, I don’t know why I was out of it for so long. It’s not like I didn’t have anything to blog about… I just didn’t feel like. I guess I created too much of a stir with my previous post. Oops. It’s actually taken me about 5 days to write this one, but hopefully once I press the Publish button, the non-blog jinx would be broken.

Update on the house thing. It’s on hold for now cos the landlady went funny, and quite frankly I overspent the cash I was meant to put down on the crib after that. My mum seems to have calmed a bit, but I know deep down she still doesn’t want to. I’ll wait till we find another place before I bring it up again, but thanks for all the advice.

Anyway, life’s been pretty good. Got paid 2 weeks ago, and I was more than happy with the new figure (considering my miserable amount from service year). I was very surprised though, when Big Bro wrote my account balance on my Facebook wall. It was just creepy. Apparently gist travels. FAST. By the weekend, more of my friends were congratulating and stuff. The height was Tuesday or so, when a dude I hadn’t spoken to in yonks wrote it again for me on my wall. I’ve never been one of those people who’s felt the need to hide my salary, but it’s weird. So, with the new cash on hand, I started my enquiry into the 3 gadgets I’ve been craving since my 400 level back in the beginning of 2006: An iPOD, a new phone and a laptop. And not just ANY laptop, a wide-screen, super fast baby for all my design programs.

So far so good, after 2 months of planning and deliberating, I closed my eyes and put a down-payment on… AN N95, baby! It’s… all I’ve ever wanted *sniff*, AMAZING camera, wonderful sound, and lots of themes for me to play with :-). I touch it like, every 10 minutes ( I don’t think my brain has accepted its reality yet)The battery COULD be better, but I don’t really mind charging every night. Of course, when I’m getting off the staff bus at night to make the short walk to my house, that phone becomes incognito *nudge, wink*. I still hold my crappy old one in case the owners want to come for it. Which reminds me of something else I’ll also get to in a minute. I also got an ipod classic, and a couple of people have asked why I would want one… Cos, HE-LLO, I have about 3000 songs that would NEVER fit onto any memory card, and quite frankly, with the new ipod, I can watch my DVDS. BOOYAH!!!

Work’s been very bleh though. Work-wise. But I find I’ve warmed a bIt more to the environment a bit more. Each day’s a blur of browsing, learning new design tricks and shamelessly adoring others, bread/bolly nibbling, playful harassment, fighting the cold, pleasing the ‘higher powers’ and praying for 7pm. Fridays approach pretty quickly now. Can’t believe 3 Fridays have come and gone. But like I always say these days (I’m trying to be ultra positive), I can’t complain. I get a free ride to work in the morning, a not-so-stressful-albeit-dull job, free ride back. Problem is the sitting. Can’t stand sitting down most of the day.

Personally, I admit I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions. I went through what I’m dubbing the ‘Pre-Life Crisis’, where Viva and I were sort of panicking about how we were so young and already following this routine of a lifestyle. We had a burst of enthusiasm where we then declared we would be each other’s life coach. That mood passed *eye roll*. Then I was happy, and content, and in love with the world. Then, of course, there was the occasional twinges of loneliness and confusion and self doubt… Brought about by one too many weekends of nothing to do I guess.

On the home front, my sister and I are basically 2 strangers sharing a small space, since we had a very climatic fight a couple of weeks ago, and frankly I’m not in a mad hurry to say more than is necessary. I’m just sick and tired of her attitude.

I haven’t been sleeping too well cos of Certain Som1, but it’s an inconvenience I have no problems with …*nudge, wink*. That’s a story I’m letting stew.

Body image issues have not improved much… as usual, but I’m still working on it. I’m going for the long haul this time.

I’m done doing the ‘I’m Back’ blabbing. I’m back now, and on the move. I have a lot of things to blog about, hopefully I’ll do them before I forget… or lose inspiration again.


18 thoughts on “Gone Crazy, Back Soon

  1. Wow, i’m blown out of my mind. You had to wear skirts? Demerit points? Worship attendance? Hmm….???!!! Is this a university or a secondary school in disguise?

    You guys also got served breakfast, that’s neat. I never knew babcock was that kind of school. I think i would have hated it. I always hated the restriction of boarding school.

    You seemed like u did okay. I guess humans have a tremendous ability to adapt to a lot of situations (esp if u know u are going to be stuck there for the next 4 yrs.)

  2. welcome back!
    congrtas on ur phone…sniff sniff, i had mine ‘obtained’ just two weeks after buyin it some months back.
    my next sleepless night ;must obtain’ is the ipod touch…some freinds ve been flauntin it in my face, it kind of makes mine seem drab…
    do u have any idea how to create a backup from ipod to a pc/laptop?, i’ve got ova four thousand songs and it’d be horrible if l loose em’ all…lemme knw if u can.

  3. @ bubbles
    U know, the funny thing is, everyone comes in there with that psyche, but at the end we all had to look at the bigger picture… that it was an organised, and functional place, u were guaranteed facilities and a steady timetable so you just had to make the most of it. Like i say, the more crap you go through, the better stories you have for ur kids!

    @fantasy queen
    sory bout ur phone!!! im guarding mine like national treasure!
    about the backup, i got a software called iDump. It’s perfect. You can get it here: http://www.download.com/iDump/3000-2169_4-10702731.html

  4. um yeah, it’s pretty legal, and pretty straight4ward too. Just install, and then plug ur ipod. it lists every song out; go to ouput options to choose the destination folder. Ctrl+A, and copy!!!

  5. thanks, i’ll do that as soon as i get home…
    @bighead, i can feel ur big eyes shining…i have job vacancy oh….

  6. yeah, i probably gave off the wrong impression with that post. What I meant was i BOUGHT an ipod (DISCOUNTED), and HALF PAID for the N95 (ALSO DISCOUNTED), with plans for the future to buy a laptop on INSTALLMENT.
    Abeg o! If I had that kind of salary… i’d be buying a car in 6 months!!!!

  7. @fantasy: Job??? I don’t trust yu. Yu want to play me wayo abi?

    @onydchic: So are yu buying a car in 4 months instead? 😀

  8. you’re such a sweety…yayyyy, i’ve got back up, thanks….

    @bighead…i need a body guard man…hurry up, i’d give u special consideration….n u’d buy a car after ur second week, lol’

  9. @fantasy queen: Everyone wants a bodyguard, princesa wants one, you want one and y’all want me…as one. Lower your voice b4 onydchic wants hers.

    So tell me, who are yu afraid of? The mob? the mafia? the yakuza? which one? Abi is it an ordinary najia cult boy? You know these things will determine my rate…The car might come on the first day afterall.

  10. yeye u bighead…its some construction workers near my house o, they like doing cat calling at me when i pass, can you handle that…abi i’ve scared you away?

  11. LOL @ Bighead pulling ur legs.

    Maybe I should relocate back home and get a job at ur company too. Pray they do need a company secretary dont they? LOL!!

    Cameover from the link @ Naija Bloggers. Loving ur blog.

  12. @calabar gal

    thanks thanks thanks!!!! Pls come visiit again!!
    p.s. i wont be in too much of a hurry to join my company, if u know what i mean!

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