Time to Stop Being a Slacker

Yeah, so, after Eji insulted me yesterday that I’d only posted twice in the past month, i decided that maybe it was time for me to stop being a mushy little girl and get back on the blogging horse.

I admit it. I have no excuse. Let me lay it out there: I met a guy (who we’re gonna call … uh… Darkman … cos he’s really dark and I’m very uncreative this afternoon), and all of a sudden, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE I wanted to talk about. Nothing at all. I mean, I tried… I would start a post, but… halfway, it’ll be like I was just trying to appease someone and not my best of writing, so I just said, ‘Screw it’.

It’s been just over 2 months since we met, and for those of you that care, it’s coming along GREAT. I’ve liked about 5 guys in my life: One didn’t know I existed, one was a total retard, and till today I don’t know what I was thinking; one was a lech; one was unavailable and one was an arrogant a*hole, I just chose to ignore it.

Now, I’m not going to spend this entire post gushing at this oh-so-wonderful person I met and how it seems for the first time… um, ever… that I’m involved with a guy I actually like and his main priority isn’t either a) a quick shag now and then or b)making me miserable for no real reason.

Then again, maybe I am. Might as well get it off my chest and be done with it, so that I can once again bless your pc screens with my infinite words of wisdom and wit.

Right now, however, I appear to be the battleground for a war between Malaria and Fansidar. I took it yesterday (and with each passing hour I realize why my inner instinct had been putting off the dreaded moment) and it’s been an ‘exciting’ new experience ever since. First was the irritable stomach, then the nausea, which has refused to go away, the dizzy spells, the general lack of enthusiasm to do ANYTHING, and the THIRST, oh God, the THIRST. Unfortunately, I’m too irritable to take too much water at a time, so I think I’m dehydrating. Doesn’t help that my cubicle is suddenly hot as hell due to some new machines… As I type this, I feel a growing neck and headache.

With all this drama, I would have been better off doing what I normally do for malaria: NOTHING. Just sleep for a couple of days till it got bored and left for another year or so. At least then I won’t have had to come to work. I blame this Anthony of a place. It’s got mosquitoes for days and if you choose to stand outside for more than 2 minutes at night, you’re on your own.
Also happening as I type, I’ve got an impending lunch date with a colleague I would have preferred not to have lunch with. He’s one of those extroverted, ‘look-at-me’ types who, during our first conversation in the staff bus, he said he was not going to let me sleep and that I had a funny nose. WTF? I mean, yeah, you’re friendly, we get it. But there’s such a thing as OTT. Back off. Anyway, on seeing my new phone some weeks later, he said I had to ‘wash’ it, and has been bugging me everyday ever since. So, at this point, it’s like, I might as well get it over with. Just hope he doesn’t aske me to come over to his place again.

Speaking of work, I’m working too hard these days. Ok, not really, but I’m working a lot harder than I ought to, considering as I’m supposed to be working with FOUR other people! I’ve now resorted to sleeping in the office before official opening time (considering as I get there by 6.30, you can’t blame me). I suppose making 2-3 hour midnight calls – on a weeknight – doesn’t help.

It’s called an addiction, people.

I’m hungry again. For the first time in … EVER… I ate full plate of rice, plantain and chicken for BREAKFAST. And now, i crave a Munchies roll. Mmm, roll… Might as well go for that lunch date, kill 2 birds with one stone, eh?

11 thoughts on “Time to Stop Being a Slacker

  1. i wanted to hear more about darkman…you teased…

    …hope malaria leaves you soon…it is ridiculous that anyone in the world is still plagued by malaria and nowhere in the us or europe…hmmmnnnn….hope to read more from you soon…

  2. @guerreira
    well… maybe its because there are NO MOSQUITOES in the US or Europe?!??
    and im afraid im gonna keep ‘teasing’ about darkman! This is the nternet!

  3. What happened to the boy-gist? I was all ready to read that.
    Hope you feel better soon girle, sori bout the scrub, (basically, I think I can call him a scrub) hope he at least has better things to talk about than @ your first meeting.

    -Takia chicka

  4. mean and naughty girl!..to tease us as such…no matter, i’ll go google search this darkman:0…i’m joking…

    …my comment about malaria in the rest of the world and not the us and europe was sarcasm…it annoys me that the bastards got rid of the mosquitoes which cause malaria in their countries and then conveniently learned that the technique they used was detrimental to the ecosystem…so, after they have underdeveloped the countries that still have the mosquitoes causing malaria, they also abandon studying how to prevent malaria, besides taking pills forever or sleeping under some net…they annoy me…looking forward to your holiday count-down..

  5. Considering getting as 2tice as wot ur currently, monthly take away package is,sleeping over @ work won’t be a bad idea, like I do….About Mosquitoes @ anthony…hun? Onyi! common,U be Niger babe naa getting used to them shouldn’t be a problem….So stop complaining.Never mind ….just kidding..
    Anyway,good 2 hav u back on the spot…

  6. No darkman updates I see. You tease.

    You write very well. I liked this line “I appear to be the battleground for a war between Malaria and Fansidar”

  7. hey, people! Enough with the boy gist! I’m in control, and ill tease u all i want mwahahaa!!

    thanks for stopping by!!!

    mehhn, this place is different o! I NEVER used to get malaria b4 I started staying here!

    I know I spelt that wrong. Sorry… i usually dont miss sarcasm. It’s my dark gift!!! But I think mosquitoes just love here cos of the heat. Wheneva I sleep wih AC, I’m okay.. the very second light goes… WHAM!

    why thank you! i try! 🙂

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