24 Days!!!

I can see there is an interesting amount of y’all that would like to hear about Darkman.

Sorry to disappoint!!!

Anyway, Christmas is coming… la dee da! I used to realy LUURVE Christmas, but the past couple of years have been pretty dull, and there just doesn’t seem to be any SPIRIT if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I’ve kinda sparkled up the blog a bit. It was a rush job, so I hope to improve upon it.

In my bid to make up for my past 2 slacker months, I’m going to do a daily countdown to Christmas, just generally talking about things in the season I love. Till tomorrow then!!!


4 thoughts on “24 Days!!!

  1. @eji
    thanks dear!

    @unnaked soul
    sorry, havent checked my mail in a bit, cant access it here at the office, will check it tonight!

  2. As someone who is a certified reader (and rater) of other people’s blog, I have this to say about your blog.

    You write very well and you have a funny, though sensitive touch. But if you want to move up to the next level, you have to tell us more about Darkman. You know, details!

    And it wont hurt if Darkman has competition. Say, Mr. Talldarkrich Handsome. Come on, be a sport. If I can waste office time reading ur blog,I am selfish enough to expect to be highly entertained.

    Just kidding.Not! 🙂

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