22 Days

Ok… perhaps I was feeling a little over ambitious about the ‘daily countdown’ thingy.

Had a fun weekend. Had to head to work on Saturday to support the new upgrade going on, but my presence was not needed, and you couldn’t imagine my surprise this morning when I found out two of my colleagues had done the night shift. It was like… WHY?!?!? They, especially the chick, acted like she’d done me this GREAT favour by showing up. I was like, why didn’t you call me??? I was around, and I won’t have minded night work ( cos then I won’t show up all DAY, he-llo). But whatever right?

Anyway, met up with Darkman, he came to my crib, a move I regret cos our touchy security guy was around and complained to my sister, who SUDDENLY realised that maybe he shouldn’t be at our Anthony place. Keeping up appearances, she said. I don’t give a toss ( a thought I’ve found that I have more often this days). We went out instead and had a LOVELY time. Got home at the ungodly hour of 10. Was that enough for us? NO, we still had to kill 4 more hours on the phone…

So, I strolled into work this morning (not following the staff bus cos it left ultra early this morning, and I went against my better judgment and had a 1-hour chat with Darkman at 2am) and looked in the mirror, only to not recognize myself. I kid you not. I looked DARK and PIMPLY. Anyhoo, on climbing into my floor… I heard it, resonating quietly but obviously from the in-built speakers in the ceiling (those things never work)…


They’re easily the BEST part of Christmas for me (after the sparkly lights of course, woot!). I remember since I was a child, Silent Night and O’ Holy Night have been my best, and for some reason, they both used to make me cry. Especially the bit at the end of Silent night that goes ‘Sleep in heaven in peace’. What can I say, I’m emotional. It’s always ‘interesting’ to hear all these artists come up with a Christmas album, but the best I’ve heard so far are NSync, Destiny’s Child and maybe Christina Aguilera (if she didn’t butcher it a little with her voice).
For some reason though, I’ve barely heard any this year, and we’re in December.
What’s going on people? Cool Fm used to be my one-stop shop for Carols, but they’ve been slacking these days, running us down with adverts half the hour.

I think I’ll go buy a Christmas CD. Or not.


13 thoughts on “22 Days

  1. The darkman abides. 4 hour convo? Una try. Who called who?

    I so feel you on Silent night, the ending takes me back to my early childhood for some reason. Which one is O’Holy Night again? Is that not the same as Silent Night?

  2. erm… cant remember who called who… 🙂

    They’re so not the same thing, dude! Take a loisten one of these days, Holy night is LOVELY!

  3. DARKMAN??????
    does he kno dats wat u call him?
    u had a lovely time till 10…..
    and twasnt enuf?????????
    ur OYO!

  4. Awww! HEhe, when r we going to find out more about this Darkman aye?

    Anyways I luv your seasons greetings blog template…:)

  5. i have the vibe of hrs on phone convo for the first two weeks of being crushy mushy. then after the second date, i get irritated with myself and look for every reason to hang up after the first five mins…not darkman’s portion i pray.

    just love that its xmas too. somehow it just means we have to be happy in the season, and like that we all are on auto drive n always just get in the groove of the season.
    my fave xmas albums are DC3 and whitney houston.

    how come i’ve not been able to pimp up my profile?maybe i havent taken enuf time off to do it.
    how’ve u been anyways?

  6. @ugo

    hi to you too!

    erm… me… i had to go to work that morning!!!

    @fantasy queen
    gosh i hope not. but then again, its been almost 3 months so i dont think the boredom has set in yet!!! ^^
    I’m goood. Really at that point in my life where i cant complan!! 😀

  7. oh yeah bout the profile pimping. i think its just time. that and the fact that im still using the old blogger layout and im too lazy to gigure out how to customize the new one!

  8. Onydchick

    i remember u from NL
    graphic design n stuffs
    we share similar traits

    its all good

    i feel u on ur ‘Darkman’
    ive met a couple, lol

    take care oh

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