18 Days – Invalid

Right, so, as Azuri, so nicely pointed out, I slacked in the countdown. No fault of mine, I’ve actually been down with what turned out to be a combined mess of typhoid AND malaria. Trust me now, I don’t do things small time.

I got to work on Wednesday, feeling great, looking good, expecting a later visit from a certain someone, and even though I was swamped, NOTHING could dampen my mood. So I popped out for a late breakfast, came back and…

Felt like crap. I couldn’t believe it. I was suddenly weak and irritable. Everywhere hurt and I couldn’t think. This change happened so quickly I thought it was something else. Maybe I was sleepy. Maybe I’d eaten too much? Nope, that wasn’t it. An hour later, all I wanted to do was wave my magic wand and appear at home. Needless to say I was unproductive for the rest of the day. I ignored all my calls from the people I had jobs pending for, and fought sleep for 2 hours until Darkman came and helped me kill 2 and a half hours before closing time. I had work to do, but who cared? I had the attention span of a goldfish that evening anyway.

Thursday, I stayed home. That was a double edged sword. Sure I got to sleep it off but the parental harassment, I could have lived without. At the end of the day, I pulled myself out of bed around 12, upset I had to cut off on watching my ‘Deathnote’ and head to a lab (where the woman missed my vein 3 times and caused me pain beyond measureto prove what my mum had predicted last week. Yippee *eye roll* I don’t know what’s up with my health these days.

Could have stayed home today, but I don’t need that drama. But drama I KNOW I’m gonna have. I came in saw TEN missed calls on my extension and 20-something mails. 1 from my manager chastising me for not letting her know I was not coming in to work, and and another one from one of the many job-owners. Oh, yay.

To add to the issues, my dad’s not going back to Agbara tonight, so I can’t go out with my friends (he kinda banned me from staying over anywhere ever, not my fault, pinkie swear).

Due to my crappy mood, I don’t much feel like talking about Christmas. Maybe tomorrow. Cos word on the grapevine is… yup, you guessed it – I may have to work n SATURDAY.


3 thoughts on “18 Days – Invalid

  1. what happened to the whole countdown fiasco. 9 days in and only 2 posts… tut tut tut. I blame ‘darkman’ (just think of me as your virtual conscince)

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