2007 Review! Woohoo!

Since it’s the end of the year. I think it’s only fair that i write about the year that has passed.

It’s been pretty exciting … ok, well, in a ‘yeah, something that’s supposed to be pivotal has happened’ kinda way. I started off this year, with no job, no money, no plan, nothing… just my dreams, a rejection letter from Intercontinental Bank, and an acceptance letter from my current place. By the 8th, I’d started off work doing Insurance work and hating it with all the passion in the world. I was wearing thick, heavy suits to work, and hating THAT too. I had to be dealing with every-day VI traffic and feeling miserable.

But then i started following D to work, and things got a little better. I had a free, AC’d ride to work, with a former classmate and friend, and the suits weren’t SO bad, when you got a few pretty ones. And then I got paid! Oh alleluia! I mean it was like the average corper’s pay, but that plus 8500, and I felt like a millionaire. That’s about the same time the credit addiction started. I couldn’t go a day without having credit.

I finally had my eye surgery in February/March. I’m one eye-ball less, but it’s better.

My life fell into a sort of lazy ritual that started with the Monday rush and ended with the Friday CD hook-ups with my girls. We’d show up for CD, do absolutely nothing, sign our names, and go out a-jollying. Ah, the good times. I miss those. Those 4-day work weeks, and the Friday fun, then I’d cap it all off with a quiet, peaceful weekend at Agbara. But truth be told, I wanted MORE. More fun, more money, and a more interesting job.

The more time progressed, the more likely it seemed that a career in the IT department was a pipe dream I was never going to achieve. Then one fine day, it all CHANGED. I got a call, and a letter was sent to me. I was moving to the IT department. Oh happy day! And not just IT, web development. Exactly what I wanted.

Then things went depressing again. I disliked it somewhat, and the job was really not the party I thought it would be. But I pressed on, and used my newly acquired, fast internet access to learn a few skills.

Finally in July, NYSC began to come to an end, and my past came back to haunt me. The 3 or so months I spent at home (thanks to Intercontinental’s foolishness, and NYSC) were not ignored by officials, and they told me I had to do an extra month. I fought that ruling and was given my papers. I thought that was the end. Until Passing out Parade. And the official rudely told me that I didn’t deserve to pass out because I was sitting at home, while my ‘mates’ were working. After much hustle, and a little tear-jerking, I finally got my walking papers. And I was HAPPY.

I resumed work as a full staff in August, but lost my free ride and D that same month. However, I discovered the convenience of the staff bus, met Darkman in September, and got a pay rise in October. For the first time in 2 yrs I had a SWEET new phone, and the iPod of my dreams. I also got a new colleague at work, and life became more tolerable. Better in fact.

In December, I started off my first real relationship, and began to fully work towards my plans for the future.

All this, and still 3 weeks to my 21st birthday. Despite everything, I have to admit I was pretty well blessed this year. It wasn’t the party I hoped it would be, and at times I felt so miserable I cried tiny little tears of frustration, but you know what?

It wasn’t bad.

Have a great 2008 y’all.

3 thoughts on “2007 Review! Woohoo!

  1. Life is like that: the good times and the bad. The hopes and dreams, the struggles and diappointments, and the happy moments. Well congrats babe, you made it to the end of 2007. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2008!

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