It’s 2008!

First post of the year! W00t! I took my time in coming to work this morning. Why? No reason, I was just a little hurt about the fact that I had to be at work at all, and thus, decided to reminisce on the days when I worked just a N20 bus away, and I still resumed at 9. Times have changed. However, then, I was still in school, and was earning a paltry N9,750 – which was big bucks to a student on IT.

Now, as Darkman quite rightly put it, we’re WORKING for our higher pays. 6-hour sleep nights, an average of 12 hours work a day, and perpetual headaches.

The rest of Lagos is obviously still out of town or snoozing cos it took me under 45 minutes to get to VI, which NEVER happens around 7am. And that’s only because I took transport.

New Year was refreshingly different this year. I didn’t spend it at home. Probably not very family-oriented of me, but we had made plans to go out very early on the 1st, and there was no way I would have made it from Agbara in time. Without losing sleep. On what is probably the last official day off I’ll have for a while. My dad, as usual, thought I was up to no good. But this time around, I won the battle. I spent the last day of the year with the people that have made me happiest this year, namely Darkman and Bus (formerly Bubu) , Viva and their family. Their (that is, Bus and Viva) parents now refer to me as part of the family, which is an indication of how much time I’ve spent in that house. I stopped being a guest a long time ago. I come in and their mum remarks that if I go 2 weeks without showing up I’ll fall ill. She’s also sorta threatened me that if their surname is not appended to mine on my wedding IV, she won’t show up…

Anyway, had an impromptu date with Darkman where we gallivanted VI, then ended up (finally) watching ‘I Am Legend’. Which was a brilliant movie… up to the kinda crappy ending. Bus suddenly showed up and saw me during the movie, and was ‘nice’ enough to send me a text that I was … well. You know. It was a happy accident though, cos she convinced me to stay over for New Year’s Eve as opposed to staying on my own with no TV at Anthony. As is always the case at Silverbird, we jammed at least 3 people we knew, discussed New Year stuff and went to Bus’s where I crashed till near midnight.

Then the whole family got together for a prayer session, after which we went outside to blow fireworks, woohoo! I ushered in the new year with Darkman, on the phone, cos according to him, when I called it was still 2 minutes to 12…One of the fireworks missed though, and flew into the neighbours compound. Oops. Once THAT was done, we went in to toast to champagne (tastes awful), before moving on to my new favourite drink EVER, Boone’s Farm Wine. It’s the sweetest way to get drunk. And one of the cheapest. At 500 bucks a pop, it’s a bargain. Unfortunately I don’t think my tum was ready for the eclectic mix of champagne, boone’s and spicy chicken.

I was very unloved. Beyond a call from Terry, my phone was quiet. I didn’t care too much about this though, and I hit the sack before 1am.

New Year, we were supposed to get up early to go out for some carnival thingy, but I found it hard to open my eyes, and by the time we got to Shoprite, we had lost all the expected passengers, our zeal, and decided to pop in instead for a chippy breakfast. After which we went to church and went home to sleep. Bus was upset that we didn’t do something exciting, and I told her she thought way too hard about having fun, which was why she was bummed when she didn’t have it. Got a call from Darkman later in the afternoon and I popped over to his place to end my New Year. Finding transport was … tricky. There were too many well dressed people on the road looking for a ride, and all the while I found myself wishing DESPERATELY for someone to drive my car back to Anthony. But I eventually got a cab.

I think the year started off pretty good. I swore off resolutions years ago, but I definitely have a list of things I need to do this year. I think I’ll put that up Friday. Right now, I gotta run home!


9 thoughts on “It’s 2008!

  1. You like boone’s farm? That’s a cheap wine indeed, but it looks like it’ll taste nice with all the different flavors it comes in.

    It seems like u had fun though! I didn’t do much compared to u. I can’t believe u are complaining about sleeping 6hrs a night. How long do u usually sleep? For me 6hrs is the night i get a good sleep, anything more is a luxury.

  2. Men…it’s cheap, but it’s sweet. And whaddya mean 6hrs is not small???? I admit it though, i’m lazy. I don’t think the amount of hours i sleep matters. As long as I wake up before 8am, I’m upset!

  3. Happy new year girl. I gave up on extravagant New year gigs a while ago and would much rather spend the time chilling and meditating. I just fell that it sets you up better for the rest of the year.

  4. Yu entered into the new year with plenty of noise and activity. Here’s a glimpse of mine: I, my siblings and cousins spent the night gnawing on the worst parts of a barbaqued goat (the adults ate the best parts) while sweating profusely cos there was no light and the generators had better plans. By midnight, NEPA restored power and I watched a movie then slept. No fireworks, no prayer sessions.

  5. @atutupoyoyo
    well i guess its the other way round for me! time for change i say!

    why oh why does ur life seem to be simultaneously sad/funny???

    @ in my head and la reine
    Thanks! Happy New Year to you guys too!

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