I Hate My Layout

I do. I was bored with the old layout, but didnt have the time to change it again, it looked like mess in firefox, which might not be a problem to some, but my reports show more than a third of my traffic is USING firefox. SO yesterday, after battling for almost an hour to find out why it fell it apart (and failing), I gave up and went for a template…
Watch this space. Things are about to change around here..

5 thoughts on “I Hate My Layout

  1. I think everybody has one time or the other encountered problems with the look of their blog.
    I’ve changed my template a thousand times and i still crave for something more beautiful

  2. The W3C standard is geared for Firefox.If it displays properly in IE6 but not FF, your code is broken. Just saying…

  3. Yeah, I figured. Cos to be fair it also fell apart in Opera, Safari, Flock…
    So I guess the only thing to do is start from scratch…sigh..

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