So, something tragic has happened. A close relationship to me, which I used to use as the comparison, the milestone, the MODEL of a lasting relationship, has just fallen apart. It hurt me, because the people involved are both very good friends of mine. And it had lasted so long (5 years isn’t beans), NO-ONE would have NOT seen it ending in a wedding.

I admit, on the rare occasion, we’d fantasize about how their kids would look, and what we would wear as bridesmaids, and how cool it would be that the we would know pretty much all the guys on the Groom’s side, and how nice that wedding photo would look.

Perhaps that was a bit creepy, but you should have seen them. Despite everything, still together; despite living miles apart, still going; despite serving in 2 very far, very distant states, still together.

And then … WHAM! I get the call. I took the call the same way I would have probably taken the news that someone had died.

Everytime someone made a comment about girls, about infidelity, about dating, I would proudly say, ‘Well, you don’t know what you’re on about, I know this girl/guy who’ve been so and so for YEARS…’

What do you do, when that happens? I felt like someone had ruined my reality, as if to say, if such perfection couldn’t last, who are we, mere mortals, to think we can achieve it? I mean … fine, I know it happens, but it sucks anyway.

14 thoughts on “Broken.

  1. Yepee, first.
    Well, it happens, and I’ve learned never to use any person as a yardstick. If you are not part of a relationship, you can never know what happens on the inside. You only know what they want you to.
    So take heart and have no fear.


    I feel you, when people have been togethe that long it’s almost as if they divorced rather than a broken relationship.

    BTW, You were tagged by me on the 8weird things about you o and I am still waiting abi I missed it.

  3. Awwwwh So sad! After 5 whole years!!

    You see babe, there is no perfect relationship. Like NaijaChickito said, you dont know what issues they have to go through.

  4. @ naija chickito..

    you’re welcome!

    @ 30+

    Happy New Year! Wow… I was going to get round to that.. I forgot! Will do! Watch out for it.

    @ princesa
    true. They were never PERFECT, but that was what was fascinating about it. Together in spite of.

  5. As Jimi would sing:
    ‘… and so castles made of sand, fall {melt, if u prefer} into the sea…EVENTUALLY’
    We are all human dear, and we put up fronts/pretenses for the viewing pleasure of the public. I guess on the long run they ran out of sponsors for their show. Kinda harsh? Nah, its so true. Take am easy.

  6. Damn…long term relationships always scare me for that exact reason. That’s why I say, if it hasn’t turned into marriage/marriage talk by the 3rd year, then I would just end it right there.

    It seriously isn’t fair for both parties.

  7. the bubble bursts louder in a marriage, i think. imagine one that went 16+ years and everyone saw them as the hottest couple, collapse, even with children involved…

  8. 5 years gone in a blink.
    Reminds me of the couple that taught me to take the stainglass vener with a grain of salt.

    Sorry they crashed that Beautiful Relationship picture you had in your mind.

    Life, indeed, has never been fair.

  9. nice spot u have here hon, maybe u will chk my side of th blogosphere out one day, i do hope so, maybe u will think i lok nerdy…have a great day

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