8 More Weird Facts About Me

Before I get to my post of the day, I’d apparently been tagged by 30+ to say ‘8 weird things’ about my self ages ago, but i procrastinated, oops! I’ve done this before, but I’ll try and rustle up 8 more…

  1. I hate mushiness. Can’t take it. Flowers, getting down on one knee, public display of affection, while all cute in their own right, turn me into an embarrassed, irritated mess. Don’t do it. Just. Don’t.
  2. I have a tiny, little thing for nerdy looking guys, especially those with glasses *cough* Darkman *cough*.
  3. I’m blind in my left eye. In fact, I have no left eye. Gone. In my optometrist’s file for me, they even write ‘Clean socket’ under ‘Left’. Don’t worry, there’s a prosthetic in there that I can pop out (it’s my party trick, 🙂 )
  4. I’m always eating my lips. Either I’m gnawing the upper one from the inside, or the lower one on the out. Been doing it since I was a kid, and they give my face a funny look.
  5. I wanted to be an actress for 5 years, then realised I was too shy to do so. I wanted to be a singer too… I can’t sing.
  6. I have a FLAT left thumb. Mainly cos I sucked my thumb for years after I should have stopped.(Won’t say how long!)
  7. No-one likes my taste in music. That’s how weird it is. I’ll have all the artists people know, but all their obscure songs.
  8. I draw things in the air with my fingers. As in, all the time. They come out so much better when I can’t see them!

Okay, that’s it… Don’t have anyone in mind to tag!

13 thoughts on “8 More Weird Facts About Me

  1. I eat my lips as well…thats why lipstick is wasted on me…

    ooooh be a lady and have juicy looking coloured lips.

  2. Hey, you have just written the way you see yourself, but this is not the same way those who love you look at you. It doesn’t matter if you eat your lips…who doesn’t?

    I’m sure Harry Potter is your favourite book. Maybe, you should know he wears glasses!

    Keep blogging, babe!

  3. @afrobabe
    lol. Luckily my lip consumptions on the inside, and I’ll really put it off as long as my lip gloss is on…

    @ onyeka nwelue
    well, thanx for dropping by!
    About the lips… u need to see me go at it… and i can look really retarded when i do!
    And ur right about Harry Potter, best big book ive ever read!

  4. i love to bite my lips unconciously but so concious of my lipglass…lol’. its a habit, an annoying one and more annoying that some dudes think its sexy n think its delibrate,like i care to go thru all that for em……and o, the funny look u think u get when u chew…thats the sexiness of biting.

    i’m with u on the clingy thingy, gosh, some dudes are just over the top, the calls n msges and mushiness, it kills me.

    would love to read about the eye.

  5. Think your last comment was meant for me not afrobabe?! Not that i’m complaining, since these days afrobabe seems to be either j-lo or shakira, depending on whose blog you’re reading…strictly for their bank balances tho’ 🙂

  6. Oooh, can i tell how long with the thumb thingie… pleeeese. (that thing is freaky flat, when i first met u i thought u crushed it in a doorway or something)

  7. I’ll have to request a repost of this topic. I’m your colleague at work {..and hopefully a close friend?}…I think you imagined all the way out things. What about stuff like spontaneously, magnanimously creative. This babe, pay attention everyone, can deliver the whole portfolio of a large advertising agency, while updating her blog, delivering deadline official jobs, get kicks out of laffing at the drone like dolls dat inhabit the office and checking out interesting links with me without flinching. Now, that’s a weird one. I still demand a re-do…anyone second d motion?

  8. lol.
    Simply love your weird list.
    U sound really nice.
    lovely picture , great hair…
    oh dang.
    You hate being mushy..

    Nice work.

    Crazily yours Carl

  9. @fantasy queen
    hmm, i wish mine at least looked sexy. i think i look like life i’ve got some kind of defect, but i cant stop!

    you know!

    its not THAT flat, woman, come on!!!

    @ plastiq…
    well, that’s nice… and flattering! think ur giving me too much credit though!

    sorry…i equate mushiness to being smothered with a large pillow.
    but thanx for the compliment!

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