Oh No! My N95 fell into the LOO!

There was no poetic way of titling this post. It basically SOAKED for HOURS in the john.

How, you ask? I’ll tell you.

There I was about to go out, my beautiful N95 in my hands, attached to me, as always, and I realised I really needed to adjust my (crazy) hair. However, I had other things in my hand, and I thought it would be really wise to place the phone on the water closet. After all, I’ve done it loads of time right? I use the mirror, adjust my hair…

And forget all about it.

I get to Bus’s house all the way in Ikoyi, and realise I forgot my phone. That was annoying on its own, but then, I proceed to make sure by calling it. And y’all know, I gotta have on my vibrate right?

Do the math. This was around 2 or so. I didn’t get back home till past eight. Luckily I was with my girls. It didn’t eve register to me that I’d left the phone there, until I was turning the key in the lock for the front door. At which point, my heart literally skipped a beat. I started opening the door faster, and walking like a person possessed to the toilet.

It’s probably at that point I went into shock. There it was, sitting in the water, the battery floating out. The fact that it was the toilet lasted for about a nanosecond. It was clean, not so? I picked up my wet, dripping phone, and walked out slowly, feeling like I should cry, but not having the capability. I left all the doors open, ignored the gate- man, and walked back to my car, where everyone was sitting.

“My phone. Fell. Into the toilet.”

Bus was freaking that I had put my hand in, everyone else was telling her that was the least of my problems. Kitty was nice enough to help me shake the water out while Bus drove us back to her place for the night. I was distraught. I got in, checked the memory card was still cool (it was), and blowdried it for a bit, before laying its components (which aren’t much, what happened to those Nokias we could dismantle??) out under the fan. Later that night, I poured my heart out to Darkman, and he, like everyone else, said I was lucky that the battery fell out before it hit the water. Last night too, I put in front of a turbo fan. It looks alright, but I’m scared…

You see, whenever the phone falls, the batter y falls out, and the fact that it was already out probably means it knocked something on the way down (thank god!). But I’m scared to try it on. If there’s just a SMIDGE of moisture, I’m going to short circuit it. It’s Monday morning, and my baby’s sitting on my CPU, sucking in the warmth. I read somewhere (actually, a lot of places) that putting it in uncooked rice will suck the moisture out, so I’ll try that too.

But if it doesn’t work…

UPDATE: Tried it the next morning…. actually a colleague tried it against my will. It came on! W00t! Problem is… half of the screen was kinda funny, so we’re going to get that professionally checked. Oh bless you, NOKIA!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Turns out nothing was wrong with the screen, it works perfectly OFFLINE but it’s not reading any SIM cards. AND the instant you pop the battery in it comes on…. without you touching the power button. So I took it to the Nokia Care center in VI, and they were nice enough to tell me that I voided my warranty and they usually dont collect water-damaged phones. But they did. And now the wait begins…

22 thoughts on “Oh No! My N95 fell into the LOO!

  1. Oh dear,
    So sorry to hear that. Just leave it switched off for a couple more days. Use a backup phone in the mean time. No need taking any chances.

  2. puttin it in uncooked rice…hmmn should ve done dat to my phone…

    eeya pele…hopefully it would work soon…..or you would get a new one in the post…lol


  3. emmmmm, i aam not trying to be a meanie but uhmm, the last time that happened to my V3, i saw myself back at the store buying a Z3…. so babes

    embrace yourself for the worst….

    sorry oh…

  4. Eya pele. I thot u were talking about money for a second (95 naira). I never know the names of phones.

    I heard nokia phones are resilient. Just ask afrobabe, so ur’s might work again.

    But uncooked rice??!!!

  5. @naija chickito
    yeah, i’m using my raggedy old nokia from back in the day. But i’m treating it like an unwanted child, dont even look at it unless i have a call.

    @ girlie
    well, I read it in a LOT of places, they say that rice really absorbs water, so let’s see. rice, or silica gel.
    Mehnn, that phone cost too much o! If it dies, its still december im buyin a new one!

    @anonymous gal
    i will. check back tomorro!

    well… i guess it depends on how you handle the ‘accident’. I’ve sen so many people recover, at the same time, i’ve seen failure so its 50-50, right?

  6. OMG! Girl I feel for you. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure your life is stored on that phone. I’ll pray for you that it works.

  7. Oh danrg!

    I’m really sorry dear.
    Look on the bright side , if any phone company has a proven track records of come back miracles ..
    It’s Nokia.

    Just hang on
    Dry The phone.Be patient….

    Count the rice.

  8. @rayo
    luckily i had most of my stuff on my memory card…but all 440 messages (i like holding them for sentimental value) r on the phone!

    hm, paying for that phone was not beans o. I had to pay for it in 2 instalments!

    everyone says that… but i dunno men.. im eager to try it on NOW!

  9. might be cheaper if you simply took it in to a repairer who will dismantle and dry it out properly. you only have one shot and cannot afford any retentive moisture playing around inside

  10. LMAO….ok sorry sorry…just reminds me of my 7610 and people asking how I stuck my hand in the loo…

    hopefully its a survivor..

  11. sorry to hear about that…i can’t believe you stuck your hand in the loo, like afrobabe…kai…if it were me, my phone would have just been gone…if yours is like afrobabe’s, you should be fine…

  12. I kept waiting for you to get to the part where you fished the notes out of the WC! Then it clicked you were talking about your nokia phone.

    Heya..hope it’s ok

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is priceless. I couldn’t stop laughing when i saw the title. I have dropped so many things into the toilet (including my phone) its silly, thats why i always make sure the seat is down. ALWAYS! Well darling, its best if you take it somewhere to be fixed before trying anything. No matter how much they charge you it’ll be a lot cheaper than getting a new one – then again there’s always darkman (flasback to 3 posts ago)!

  14. It came on!!! Oh yay! But the screeen ‘s still a bit funny, might go to a nokia store and check it out.

    i think ill do that… and about the hand thing? It was a worthy sacrifice!

    @afrobabe & guerrirabnigeria
    y’all are missing the point. it was clean! and really if u spent the equivalent of someone’s full salary on a phone, toilet water will NOT be the problem!

    thank u jare

    u. I expecteed MORE sympathy. Anyway. Its all good. Once biten, twice shy. The next time that phone enters water is if they pry it out of my cold, lifeless hands and throw it in the sea!

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