Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to…. Yeah Whatever

Really late post. I’m 21 today, yay! Finally I can … *thinks*

Do all the things I’ve already been doing…??? I dunno.

It didn’t start out too well what with my phone being under intensive care, but some calls, some texts, and visit from Darkman later…

It’s not bad.

I’m grateful though. Grateful to be alive, well, working, with friends, family and a guy who adores me. What more can a girl ask for??



22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to…. Yeah Whatever

  1. Aww happy birthday!! What do you have planned? My friends threw me a (genuine) surprise party for mine.

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. happy nappy legal to drink now day. hoe u dont mind, i followed my girl princesa here…and do chk me out if u can

  3. Happy Birthday, girl. U are now officially old enough to drink, even though i’m sure u’ve been shacking all this while.

    I spent my 21st birthday at work, after writing 2 tests that day in school. That day was the last birthday i was excited about. I guess the disappointment was just too great. Since then my birthdays have been blah!!!

    Hope u enjoyed urself.

  4. @ jinta
    ah. thats scary. and almost commendable ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ rayo

    I had nothing planned… and alas nothing happended! Ah well!

    thanks a bunsh!

    @ afrobabe
    hm, yes o!

    @la reine
    you know, i really doubt it! it was kinda dry!

    thanks! wil do!

    spent all day at work too. the only new thing was i got a cake. from myself. and cards. lots of cards. i think ive lost my drive for birthdays…old age perhaps?

    @ bidarlah
    thank you!

  5. Happy belated birthday.

    I’m a day late for the celebrations, but what matters is that I showed up, right?

    Yeah, yeah…

    Flip it, I always show up late for parties.

  6. I wished you a happy bday (see comments on previous post) even before you posted this entry. So I’m the original FIRST (LOL). Hope all went well? Congrats once again.

  7. happy birthday…
    your blog as become my sunday sunday tonic…lol.

    keep it up… and i thot i was interesting!! lol

  8. @ naija chickito

    i noticed, was going to say something about that.. FORGTO. oops. THANX THOUGH!

    @ mesma
    thanks :D. Thanks for ALWAYS droping by!

    @bella naija


  9. Awwwwh! am so sorry am coming late!!
    Happy belated birthday Chica!
    Now you are a BIG babe o!
    Oya where my share of the cake??
    No story o!

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