Oh No! My N95 fell into the LOO! Part 2

So… Following from my previous post, Nokia said they couldn’t (wouldn’t) fix it. I know they’re just scared of it cos it had water issues and they know I’ll sue their asses if something else goes awry.

I have an action packed MP3 Player/Radio/Camera/Flash drive/Wireless Browser/Game Box/Organiser/Paperweight.

That can’t call!!! 😦

It does everything, works brilliantly offline/SIMless!

My colleagues have all suggested Computer Village.


I’m sad.


11 thoughts on “Oh No! My N95 fell into the LOO! Part 2

  1. Awww, so sorry dear. That could be really frustrating.
    Meanwhile, where did your post on the ‘crapy job’ thing go? or did i imagine it? hmmm

  2. happy belated birthday dear! hope u’re new year is a blast.

    i guess u’ve gone to the nokia care centre off saka tinubu, thats the only place i can think of, plus the have warranty policies.

  3. @ princesa

    Well, I tried the nokia place at VI. Go figure. I’m giving it to someone else today though!

    @ calabar gal
    desperate times – desperate measures. I guess so.

    Actually I lost a lot of data. the idiots at nokia simply wipred out my phone and gave it back to me.



    @naija chickito
    er… one too many people i didn’t fancy were finding my blog too easily! Decided it was best to put that post away for now!

    @fantasy queen
    thank you! yeah I went there! A lotof help they were!

    @anu boy
    if you bought something REALLY expensive and it messed up in less than 3 months would you just throw it away?!?

    it ALMOST did. Sigh. But I’m having faith/

  4. you should sue anyway…i thought nokias were supposed to stand the test of time and all sorts of abuse?…afrobabe’s fell in egusi soup for crying out loud!!!….hope you can get it fixed…

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