I Don’t Like You… Can’t You Tell?

I know I’ve written something similar before, and the way things are going, it would probably be safe to assume I have a problem with guys in general.

I don’t. Honest.

I’m just a young chick trying to go about her daily activities in relative peace. But then some … GUY will just pop into the picture and try to make my life a little bit more difficult.

What is it about many males out there that they can’t take blatant hints? And when you decide to drop the hints and be all out blunt, they still won’t listen? You see, this is how people start calling guys the ‘Simple sex’.

Why do guys simply not take ‘NO’ for answer? What life lesson have they been taught or what private lessons on picking up chicks did they go for that said, ‘If a girl says no, she’s FRONTING, try harder.’ *Eye roll*

So, I get into the office first thing Monday morning, cold and sleepy and doing my preliminary mail-check before starting my pre-work browsing (my slacking off is strangely well-organised). At the same time I was throwing some light make-up on i.e. lip gloss while listening to my Enya collection, when one of the company drivers suddenly appears at my side.

Me: *startled, seeing lips move, I take off my earphones* Good morning…
Him: Good morning.
He’s bent low so he’s almost eyeball to eyeball with me. All of a sudden, he sticks his phone in my face.
Him: Please could I have your number?
Me: WHY?! *I mean, I was pretty sure I knew why, bought I thought my horror would discourage him, my bad*
Him: Please, let me just have your number, I’ll tell you why.
Me: Er… no… Why don’t you just tell me now?
Him: I don’t want to start explaining now, I’ll call you later and explain.
Me: Look, I don’t –
Him: Just let me have it, I’ve been meaning to talk to you…
At that point, I realised I had vaguely noticed the guy minutes earlier when me and another colleague were trying to get into the office but the doors were locked.
Me: *getting a little impatient that this guy won’t go away, but not wishing to make the scene. I’m also a sucker* Um… okay…
I give him the number, and he writes his down on a paper, thanks me and hurries off. I also notice that the guy trailed me from the staff bus to my department. Tres creepy.
Later on, around ten, I get another call:
Him: hello.
Me: Oh. Right. It’s you.
Him: Yes. Look, I just wanted to tell you that I’m in love with you. I’ve been seeing you in the staff bus, and I’ve just been meaning to –
Me: *Rolling my eyes* I don’t believe you
Him: *surprised* Why?
Me: You don’t even know me. You’ve just been seeing me from afar and you’re in love?
Him: But… yes…
Me: Look, that’s not how it works.
Him: *Obviously experiencing some sort of denial* I can see that you don’t want to talk now, it’s because you don’t want your colleagues to hear, right?
Me: *Flabbergasted* WHAT?! No. Actually-
Him: *Cutting me off* Tell you what, I’ll call you later at night.
Me: I need my sleep.
Him: 10,11?
Me: Don’t-
Him: I’ll talk to you later then.


He never did call me back. Thank God. But now I see him everyday in the staff bus, and I avoid him like the plague. Sigh, that’s another annoying guy with my number.

Story #2
Vaguely annoying guy that was bugging me for a lunch date(go to towards the end)? I finally told him I didn’t want to do lunch, and I didn’t see him for days. Till Monday. Dude just came up to me after work, while I was waiting for the staff bus. I INTENTIONALLY plugged my eyes with Robin Thicke, but he decided he wanted to talk anyways.

Him: Hey, have you missed me?]
Me: Not much.
Him: So you missed me a bit then?
Me: Nope.
Him: Hm, and I thought I had made an impact on you.
Me: Not the kind you want.
Him: I like your skirt. I like short skirts. You have lovely skin.
Me: okkkkkaaaaaayyyy. Um, thanks. I guess.
Him: *Pensive, looking like a total perv* Yes… yes I do.
Silence. I quietly attempt to restart my song.
Him: What perfume do you wear?
Me: *Dear God* Davidoff.
Him: Davdo?
Me: Da-vi-doff.
Him: Spell it.
Me: David and off.
Him: *Obviously has no clue what I mean. Nods.* hm, I like the way you smell. Ery mild.
Me: Thanks. Was a gift from my BOYFRIEND.
Him: *Practising selective hearing* Maybe we could sit together on the bus and watch ‘Fracture’ off your ipod. Hm? What re you doing this weekend?
Me: I want to listen to music.
Him: Why now?
Me: Cos I want to.
We get in the bus, and he sits next to me. I ignore him. He starts leaning towards me. I still ignore him. And wish he would just GO AWAY. He doesn’t.

What is you people’s problem? What? Must a girl be rude? Why can’t you know when to walk away????


21 thoughts on “I Don’t Like You… Can’t You Tell?

  1. It’s probably because they’ve been hearing ‘no’ all their lives. Sometimes when you constantly hear something, you might just start to ignore it.

  2. Sorry dear, Can’t walk away. Absolutely not…Never. Your perfume is ‘ERY’ mild by d way…lol {…till breath thins out}

  3. ah why r u fyne eh? dont u wish u were ‘ug’ so dem brothas will stop pestering you? NOT!! lol.

    the life of a chic… a FYNE chic; dont hate u just buriful!!

  4. lol @ Davdo…..

    no blame them jare,fine girl no easy…beleive me u would be singing a different song if they dont bother to annoy u
    …imagine a world without male annoyance…

    naaaa, me likes this one!!!

  5. na true talk…my favorite (the one thing i hate most) is when the fools see you from afar or meet you once and now love you…for where!…no be me o…even if you thought you loved me at first sight, fool keep that shit to yourself!!!…when i hear that, a huge red flag falls and hits me on the top of my head and i run…

    …on a serious note though, i think there is some pyschological reason…i didn’t study pysch so i don’t know for sure…don’t quote me…

    …now, if you’re a fine boy, no pimples, then that might be a little different;)…just kidding, a little…

  6. Na wa oh, see men chasing you and you de pose, okay, when they stop now, you will be asking God questions abi…. LOL

    anyways, madam, e go better, they will still take the hint, thats if you do not change… u know, maybe you will eventually trip for one of em… LMAO….

    Nothing do u madam, its all good

  7. @rayo
    lol. ur probably right!


    Hey, i have no porblem with guys approaching, but when they refuse to accept failure and start practising borderline stalking, girls’ gotta draw the line!

    evreything needs a little moderation, my dear!

    what DOES ur name mean????
    I think its worked for some girls, so they think everyone else is that simple. I love you? Helllo??
    p.s. i feel u on the fine boy thing sha…

    i doubt it! funny enough I’ve never ended up ‘liking’ any guy’s thats ‘approached’ me. So i guess its me…

  8. I’ve been accused of being a snub and being cold by guys who I told to beat it. I’ve learnt to say,
    ‘No, you can’t have my number’
    ‘No, we can’t have lunch’
    ‘No, I will not visit you’
    etc, etc…
    I don’t care how they take it…and I don’t bother myself about it:)

  9. I think there’s something about you dat gets yu attracted to nutcases,lol!…jst kidding. but seriously, some guys really do need some reality checks. Cheers!!

  10. Some guys are just so obstinate.They don’t like taking no for an answer.Sometimes it’s just good to be rude(even though i don’t like to be rude o) and blunt with with some of them who think every time a girl says no she means yes.U are a young beautiful lady,every man wuould dream to have you as his. Lol!!!

  11. I think itz how you present yourself to them that makes them feel they must have you.

    You should say NO firmly and really mean it.

  12. Lmaoooooo omg those guys r funny. Hon see, when it comes to women, men have brains of little kids so don’t blame them sha, I think they were created that way.
    + do u blame them? Ur beautiful(shey that’s u in ur profile pic? If its not u, scratch this part of ma comment).

    Thanks for visiting me o, me like you so ill be a customer here.

  13. @naija chickito
    yeah its easier to do it to strangers… bt then when the person is someone you’ve got to see and talk to everyday it becomes a problem!!!

    @ ugo
    dont worry, i think there’s something that attracts nutcases TO ME too!!

    @ today’s ranting
    I’m nice to a fault. I have a theory about myself… if i’m rude to you, you most likely deserved it.

    why must i have to present any attitude…why cant they just take the no and be done with it?

    @ desperate lady
    thanks! and yeah, thats me in the pic!!!! ^^

  14. Let me hit you with something I once heard.
    “The guy who hunts,gets”.And that was from a professional matchmaker,so I assume she knows what she’s talking about.
    Persistence seems to count for a lot with women.And don’t pretend not to find it flattering.At least the attention bit:)

    I just think you have the misfortune of meeting up with guys who don’t understand the meaning of finesse or sincerity.I mean,seriously,”I love you” over the phone?To a babe you talked to for the first time that day?***Cringe***

    Look on the bright side.They could know how to fake sincerity and finesse.Then you’d have a problem:)

    Besides,if I started talking about all the things wrong with guys and girls,I wouldn’t get any work done.

  15. Some people can’t just seem to take a hint.

    I’ve invented numbers when I’m out of town, or happily given numbers. If he wants to waste his credit, what’s your business?

    Takia girl.

  16. I actually know some people who got married and it was only because the guy was so persistent. However…not annoyingly so like what you describe here. (Well they were annoying, but not quite like this…lol) You make it more than abundantly clear that you are not interested and the guys come off a bit creepy from what you posted. I wish I could tell you what would work, but they don’t seem to be taking it the obvious hints to go the hell away. Sorry they won’t leave ya be, that would be incredibly annoying. =/

  17. @anonymous

    @ sha…
    or just change your number and move out of town

    @la reine
    Not these days! some guys have gotten sharper in all the wrong ways, now they’ll want to flash you before you leave…

    im not THAT fine…shio..

    On more than one occasion, i’ve tried to evaluate why i attract so many creeepy people. it’s why i was single for SO long!!!

  18. Well, actually, I’ve been meaning to say the same thing… AM IN LURVE WIT UR !@#$%^&*()_+

    Sigh… dat felt great. But on a serious note, cum on dudes, show sum style with the chase.

    Not claiming to be a stud or cassanova or anything, but it pains me… deeply when dudes act like one whipped *$&$#*@#@

    But someone WILL catch thee one day onydchic… (evil smile)

    Pity… I still gotta kill u…

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