A Series of Unfortunate Events

So, due to certain events, and the last paragraph of my last post, I was passing through yesterday in a faintly foul and irritable mood. Like I mentioned to Naija Chickito, I thought it would only be fair if I avoided Darkman completely to prevent some psychological dagger throwing.

To add to that, for some reason, I couldn’t focus on anything, so I got absolutely NOTHING done. And I felt no shame. I did, however, install a demo of Tomb Raider: Legend on my system. That was my greatest accomplishment. I love that game. I was waiting until like 7 to launch it and give it a spin, but people just wouldn’t go away, so I left to go catch the bus.

Did anyone in Lag notice the awful fluke rainfall of Tuesday night?

It was hot. It was bloody hot. All day. And at night. I’ve been cursing this heat for over a week now. It doesn’t help that I’ve gotten this new hairstyle from hell that traps heat around my face and blocks all breeze whatsoever once I am out of the safety of a fully air-conditioned environment. It was hot. I was in a suit. But you know what, I walked. I power-walked to the bus park sweating in a very unladylike but very Onyeka-like fashion.

Got in the bus, the bus got moving, and I plugged myself into the lovely world of Enya, which quickly sent me into a snooze. As we approached Anthony, precisely Palmgrove, I looked out the window and noticed that there was a lot of loose, leafy debris jumping along the road. Hm.

I went back to Enya, then thought about it, and looked out again.

In the distance the air was brown and thick with dust and debris. Further away, I could see people running. Was there a fire?

I looked to the front of the bus. Lo, and behold, I saw drops of water on the windshield. Rain? Impossible. There were no drops on the side window. A minute later, I looked out again.
The road was wet. A glance towards the windshield confirmed muy thoughts. It was raining. Hard. Oh, God no, I thought. I was almost at Anthony Village, and the rain was getting worse with each inch we moved. It was finally time for me and three other people to get down. I consoled myself with this thought: Oh well, I was going to dry clean the suit anyway.

So I cover up my 4 day old hair and step into the chilly showers. It was unpleasant. There was a strong, cold wind, and I was drenched in seconds. We all ran together. Occasionally stopping under awnings to gather our courage, wading through flooded roads and enduring showers from speeding cars, I finally got home. And my dad wasted ten minutes in coming out to open the front door. My legs ached (I have a mild, inherited case of rheumatism) and I was shuddering. M

My dad SMILED at my pathetic figure when he saw me. I had to walk around with a mop everwhere I went until I dumped my soaked clothes, and there was no light, so a hot bath was out of the question.

Needless to say, the next day I got to work feeling like crap. I’m currently nursing a sore throat and aching limbs. Curse you, rain! I usually love you, but not right now!


To add to these instances, my sister got robbed again this morning. And that makes four in the past year. Four times. I felt so sorry for her when I came out of the house and saw her in the midst of all the street thugs that watch our area, her eyes shiny with unshed tears of frustration.

She’s lost so many phones you wouldn’t believe. She apparently struggled with her assailants, causing them to hit her over and over to let go of her bag and the bulky security guy that usually accompanies us to our bus-stops in the morning FOR SAFETY was absolutely useless. He claimed that they had guns and he was looking for a weapon. Complete, total BS. Couldn’t he have at least distracted them? Raised an alarm? His ‘boys’ weren’t far away, they could have come along if had. I tried telling her to just go home and take a break, but she insisted on going to work, and followed me instead.

My mum heard and called in a panic (mums, bless) and started asking what we could do. But you know what? You really can’t win these days. It made me realise that I too, had started getting comfortable when moving out to work in the mornings. I carry too much junk, and I don’t properly secure my valuables. We should be doing that, you know, especially if one is forced to roam the streets before dawn just to get to work in this jungle.

I’m off to drink hot tea. My throat burns.


19 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. LOL @ hair style from hell. I’m sorry to hear about ur sister being robbed. It’s really alarming the boldness of these people who rob people these days. I don’t remember it being like that. It’s crazy.

    Hope u feel better soon and get a chance to play ur game.

  2. Awwww baby, I’m so sorry about it all. That’s crappy. What is Lagos turning to? A war zone? You shouldn’t have to go through all that just to get to and from work. If it’s not the traffic, then it’s robbers (or the rain!).

    Well things will get better for you and your family. I pray there’ll be no more robberies. Have a restful weekend. Take time to relax and kick back.

  3. Being in a bus an realising that the rain will start before you get home. I know that story by heart.

    You guys need a security guard to escort you. Na wa. Lagos sef..
    My sincerest Ndo to your sister.

  4. Loool k forgive me dear, I know its not funny but I cnt help picturing u running in a suit n heels under d rain…..fine girl like u…..kai. Sorry sweets, ull feel berra soon.
    As 4 d useless security guy, pls tell he.s fired….he is right?
    Even if they had a weapon, isn’t he trained for that? Or he isn’t? Sha me I don’t know but I hope he.s fired sha.
    P.s- wuts ur email addy? Or email me @ ladyunmarried@yahoo.com so I cn send ur invite.

  5. I was caught up in that rain storm too. One minute, every where was calm the next…it was an uproar!

    Hope ur throat is better now.

  6. So sorry to hear about your sister being robbed. Its pathetic. One is no longer safe even on one’s street. Hope u r feeling better now.

  7. so sorry about the rain, and ur poor sis!!
    saw ur blog track thru weddingvogue. really enjoy reading ur blog- u write so well

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYA ! same shit, just a different day. We live in a jungle, constantly swinging from tree to tree. Be strong sista.

  9. Hp ur sore throat is gone.
    I feel ur sis pain, she sld kp hp alive tho n get anoda phone. Things will b btr.

  10. wow…thats a whole bunch of crap to happen oh…at least ur suit will dry up…feel sorry for ur sis…

  11. Damn girl, sorry o, hope you feel better.

    Sorry bout your sister too. Glad she wasn’t badly hurt. Na wa for your ‘security’.

    Takia chicka

  12. I’m really wary of hearing abt robberies in Nigeria and security people who can’t do anything abt them. Dear God, pls intervene on our behalf.

    Sorry bout getting soaked in the unpredictable rain BTW…

  13. oh God… im sorry about ur sister… u dont want to know how many times i was WARNED to strap my digicam to me in Nigeria… apparently around everyother corner, theres a robber or area boy who believes its his Godgiven duty to relieve u of ur property… i cant imagine what its lke to have rheumatism so young.. my granpa had it and he used to cut himself… sheesh now that i think of it.. it doesnt sound quite right… but at the time we were used to it… and didnt think it out of the ordinary…

  14. Wow… A lot did happen to you. Lagos has always been survival of the fittest.

    These robbers are bold these days… no guns, no mask… there just take kmop!

    Only God can save us

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