Maybe I Should Become a Lesbian…

Yes, i SAID it.

So, as far things go. Darkman is NO MORE.

Bus and I were chatting this morning, and we came to the same conclusion: Guys can be wastes of emotional energy. They make great friends… but the instance it becomes anything more than that… DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA.

As for what happened between me and the fella? Too much. Just take it like that. Let me put it this way, I can handle annoying bosses, financial challenges, irritating colleagues/classmates/roommates, dysfunctional laptops etc, because they’re a necessary part of my life.

Annoying boyfriend who just doesn’t get it? I can do without that. Yeah… I don’t see why chicks kill themselves over being single. I mean, I realised this week that I didn’t spend as much on credit, I had more free time, I didn’t have to update with anyone at the end of the day, and I had nothing on my mind but the important stuff. It’s great.

And here’s a tip to you guys out there: We REALLY don’t want to hear that much about your ex. No matter what we say. I don’t care if she was the cooking, cleaning, submissive 9th wonder of the world. If she was so perfect, you should have stayed with her.

This post is already too long. Damn. I wanted it to be short and mysterious… Ah well.

18 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Become a Lesbian…

  1. If he kept talking about his ex for whatever reason, then that’s a sure sign that he wasn’t over her.

    I totally feel u on this post. I’m learning to enjoy being by myself. Now that i’ve succeeded in removing all the extraneous elements from my life, u can’t imagine how stress free my life has been. I’m totally loving it.

    Lesbians don’t have it easy either. I bet you would have the same problems with a lesbian partner.

  2. True… But it just sounds like a cool thing to say when you’ve broken up with someone! 🙂
    I spent all of my years before him single, and now ive seen a relationship, im quite comfortable going back to where i was. Im sure it can be rosy, but right now, its all about me, y’know?

  3. Hope you are OK? I believe you know best sha, it is not by force to have boyfriend jo. Enjoy and have a great week.

    But em…lesbo? Lol…certainly not. still can’t stop laughing. crazy girl

  4. Hmmm..lesbian…i have thought about that too but i guess guys are still da best- A cool guy without all the stress o!

    If it’s that easy for you to get over, then you were probably not even in love with the guy in the first place.
    There is plenty time babe so enjoy ur singlehood.

  5. sweet heart i hope you are ok
    but ehmmm*coughs* this post title dey scare me.

    Tufiawa! i reject it for you in Jesus name. prince charming is galloping ur way.loll


  6. @naija chickito
    yes dear, i’m ok, very OK. TOO Ok. It’s weird. Yeah, I just wanted to write a really catchy topic. and it worked. Mwuahhaha.

    Shey…. it does o

    I AM fine thanks!

    nah, i know it was never LOVE, but it was fun… I think I had time has the relationship dovetailed to slowly grow apart from it.

    i was just kidding about the post title LOL!!!

    @pink satin

  7. They are all foolish biko…my mother said I should choose one foolish one and marry….

    She says I should face my job and kids…what does that say about marriage???

  8. Oh my God. I feel like I just walked in on all of u (while naked). Will retrace my steps now, i guess dis is a thoroughly feminine discussion. But, hey…Onyi, so u a lesbian now? Remember wat we always argued about on latent les….?

  9. hehe at short and mysterious. Damn..tales of the ex are sooo unsolicited. My own is that if I didn’t ask keep your mouth shut!

  10. ACK! Talking about his ex that much? No way. A man who talks about his ex that much isn’t over her or else she’s such a problem in his life that she’d become your problem too. Coming from a stepmom (hubby is great, his ex is a piece of work) putting up with my husband’s ex for 13 years, RUN!!!!

  11. Hmmmmmmm.Some men and there wahala. Though I wont encourage you into lesbianism but my dear, it’s your life dont let one non-entity to ruin it o.

    There are still good men out there sha…

    I wish you good luck

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