Because I Can’t Be Happier Right Now…

The past 3 days have been a bit of a whirlwind. Got my new laptop (an HP Pavillion dv9700, for those who care) on Monday 😀 and it’s been love and bonding ever since. Every night since then, I’ve been getting home and opening her shiny, wonderful new depths. However, I must complain about what I like to dub HP’s presumptuousness about how much unnecessary software they THINK you need. I’ve got like 10 pointless programs loading on startup and I’m actually not sure which to get rid of cos I’m worried I’ll need it. One day. Sort of.

My closer friends are probably THIS close to throttling me cos I can’t stop going on about it. Bus said she wants pics or it isn’t true. *Getting over-dramatic* They just don’t understand. It’s been almost exactly two years since some guy fried my motherboard, and I’ve felt a bit like… like… Voldermort (for all ye Harry Potter fans out there) when he was searching for a body. Empty, confused, stuck using other people’s systems I couldn’t customize to my whim and a crappy desktop that couldn’t … well… be moved. With a sucky set of specs too.

Can’t wait for the weekend, then I’ll have her time. Finally I can rejuvenate my art skills.

Sigh… I’m complete now.


15 thoughts on “Because I Can’t Be Happier Right Now…

  1. I can totally understand ur bonding with ur computer.The last time i had to get my computer fixed cos i poured candle wax all over the keyboard, i felt incomplete until i got it back.

    Enjoy! My brother had a really cool hp b4 he started having problems with it and got a toshiba. I really liked the look of his hp, it was so sleek and cute.

  2. So…I got dis brand new, supercool “Apple Macbook Pro” and em, em….(u get my drift). Lol. Peeps, she got a 320gb hard disk and 17 inch HP. A bloody desktop by my standards. Me jealous small…lol

  3. Now THAT’s the system to buy.Congrats.Now make sure you keep water away….

    PS HP gets paid for cluttering up your system with those little icons.You don’t need them.Mostly.

  4. I feel you former pain and present satisfaction….but reading ur post is makin me cry cuz I miss my baby (my own laptop)…she’s been kidnapped for a month now and we havent seen her!!!!!


    I know and pray, one day very soon I will be happy like u…

  5. plastiq.
    dont worry, im coming for you and that whole Apple issue soon. And its not supercool, it’s just there. My system beats it hands down, in everything. Silly, waste of plastic. 🙂
    You asked for it.

    How in the name of all things sane did u POUR candle wax on it?!
    This one’s sleek too!

    thanks! Anytime!


    I KNOW. It’s perfect. For now. Its being called a server by a couple of funny ppl. I’m going to dedicate an hour of my time to removing those crap.

    dont wory, its well, 🙂 One day, you’ll find joy, like i did!!!

  6. Oooh, nice. I know what you feel like.

    I suggest you uninstall all the crap. If you needed em, I’m sure you’d already have the installation files somewhere, right?

    Takia o’u

  7. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS darling. I want to be like you. My HP Pavilion is outdated! (One year old!)The dv6000 series…They look alike though, mine has a white glossy exterior.

    Congrats once again. Me like.

  8. I know the feeling hon.

    Its the way i felt when i got my ACER Aspire months back.

    My woman became jealous because she now had a ‘rival’

    so much 4 the emotional attachment to one’s

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