My Problems Were ‘Better’ Than Yours

Don’t you just HATE it when you’re trying to make a perfectly VALID complaint about something, and then some OLDER person goes, ‘Oh, what are you talking about, back in my day…’


You walked to school through the pouring rain, barefooted with a desk on your head. WHATEVER. And yes, yes, i KNOW, back in your day, as a corper you earned 1,500 Naira month. Cry me a bloody river.

HOWVER, RIGHT NOW, I cannot limit my annoyances by such standards. Right now, I don’t happen to have anyone who’s strolling to school for MILES, barefooted and showing the warning signs of neglect. UNFORTUNATELY for YOU, dear older folk, I got driven to school a few times, my secondary school was not a plane flight from my house, and YES, I wore footwear! Much as I HATE to diminish the ‘oh-so-horrible’ salary you weare earning, YES, I DID earn more than 1500, and you know what? I don’t care what YOU think! My parents haven’t given me money since I started serving… 2 years scrimping and saving, thanks very much!

If I don’t like a situation, I will damn well complain, and you don’t get to trivialize because you had it ‘rough’ BACK IN YOUR DAY, old person!!! It’s called CHANGE!!! Move with it!

*deep breath*

I’m okay now.

27 thoughts on “My Problems Were ‘Better’ Than Yours

  1. lol, you just popped up on my reader.
    You need a hug baby gurl?? Calm down, breath and count to ten….back in my day, that’s what we did… I kid. I Kid.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Lol i feel you-walking miles to and from school barefooted was my father’s favourite reply for any complaints.
    They should know there is a reason it’s called “back in my day”

  3. Well, I assume this is meant to be a joke. I’ve since been laffing.

    It can be ridiculous, to say the least, when GROWN UPS feel they know it all.

    B’tful post… πŸ˜‰


  4. lmao!!! people just have an incredible need to make their life’s challenges seem so horrible. They go into this “my problems are/were bigger than yours tug-of-war”…abegi…*singing*its your party, you can complain if you want to…

  5. old people r like that, they want u to be miserable like them, so because u suffered, I must suffer too abi?

    lol, hope ur good

  6. lol’ looks like you wrigged someones neck…or almost did.

    i bet when we’re much older we might unconciouslt start a ‘in my time’ story to our kids.
    i think its a circle that cant be helped

  7. dammm, u sure that deep breath is enough???

    Please take another…

    Yep we all heard it and me thinks we will tell our kids too…

    will probably be..”Back in my days you could only have one boyfriend”..lmao

  8. Its not our fault that the world has moved on but wait o…some things were better then than now but we hardly complain.

  9. It’s not only older pple who do that. I had a friend who as soon as i complained about something, she always had something to say that trumped what i was going thru. She basically trivialized everything i was bothered by to make herself seem like she was carrying the heaviest burden in the world.

    I wasn’t too sad when our friendship disintegrated.

  10. ok, take a deep breath in…
    breath out.
    You will do the same, I think, to your kids….
    I’m sure you were always first in school πŸ˜›

  11. When people say “I only earned N1500”- or whatever it is that they always say, they seem to forget that adjusted for inflation, that amount is often equal to or even more than the current amount being paid.

  12. LOL… Pele… Its not good when people trivialize other’s problems. Problems are problems are problems. Either give me a solution, point me in the direction of a solution, or apologize for not having a solution or knowing where to get one, or shut up.

    Sha sha, sometimes I get consoled when I hear someone tell me about a problem similar to mine. Maybe its because they give me a solution, or they don’t make me feel like mine was too small to be an issue. Ah… This is becoming a post… Sorry joo, you’ve tried. 2 years O.Y.O? Starting from youth service? Its not easy.

  13. @akinwale: listening to old people is a mistake? Dude…or babe as the case may be, the young ones no get gist at all. We dont take ourselves seriously enuff.

    @onydchic: LOL

  14. LMAO!!!! oh my goodness… i know right? instead of them to just sympathise with us… jeez, is that too much to ask?

  15. Damn…I guess I’m one of those hated older people that are stereotyped here. I never walked through 10 foot snow drifts or fought off snarling wolves on my way to school as my own parents reminded me for years. But, things certainly don’t seem as tough as…well, whatever. Nice rant. Keep it up.

  16. lol..OMG,…i could sense the fury as i read this post
    Babes u r hillarious!
    I know it could be pretty much annoying with this older people, but sometimes you get the truth from them sha!!!

  17. eh ya. pele. human being r like dat. we like 2 gloat. sometimes cos our life is better, & sometimes cos our life is worse. dunno y it’s like dat, but it just see.

    how u dey? still having blogging block? does dat extend 2 surfing other blogs?

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