I Miss Blogging…

… But I’m having Blogger’s block.

Geddit? Blog block….

No? Never mind, then.

11 thoughts on “I Miss Blogging…

  1. I bind every spirit of blogger’s block in ur life….LOose ur hold…oya receive ur bloggging…receive ur bloggging…

  2. Block!!!! I know wat u mean gal..just recoverying from it. hehehe I was at ovawhelmed’s blog and ur comment gave me a headache wen i stopped laffing. I’m gonna stalk ur blog.

  3. lol@charizard.

    Girl, get your ass back here, even if it means writing randoms all the time. Come on, you got it in you!

  4. Tag I tag you!
    Oya Blog block be gone.

    Come and gist us about the latest ish at work or something…

  5. All spirits of blocks be roasted! be ro, be roasted!! fall down and die!! LOL…chick i love your blogs… hurry up and get blogging already

  6. u could do the tagged thingy, i havent tagged a sixth person so i tag u, go to my page for instructions.

    if thats still met with a block, then theres always me to blog about..lol

  7. YOu berra report here sharpish!!
    No be only writer’s block na ice block,lol!

    i understand jare, sometimes there is nothing to write.

  8. blogger’s blog? blog block? block blog? blogging block? blocking blog? what d hell doe sit matter – just come back soon

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