A Slacker’s Re-Induction into the World of Blog

This is, like… way overdue. I’ve had this compose page open all week. Haunting me with my inadequacies.

I’ve been out of it for a while. Sure there’ve been a few things on my mind, but putting it to paper has just been… I started a few posts, decided they were too personal/controversial/just plain sucky, and gave it up. I visited my blog every day and was startled to see that despite my lack of anything new, I still averaged about 30 hits per day. Thanks for dropping by!!! 😀

Anyways, as LaReine rightly put it, I gotta blog about something. Before I go on, I also have to send a shout out to some ‘fans’ I met at Shoprite last week. We went to school together, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them say they’ve been quietly following my blog. Don’t forget to come back, y’all! 🙂

Life’s been pretty dry. So uneventful in fact, that I’ve begun to worry. Is this it? Is this going to be MY pathetic story? Work 14 hrs a day, pray for Friday, and then get angry on Sunday cos another week’s approaching?

Well, anyway, things have reached a steady pace. Some good news: I got my phone back. Yup, after about 3 months of misery, and a quiet acceptance of my fate, I got my Nokia N95 back. It’s rather scratched from the hands it was in, and I have to be careful how hard I drop it on a surface, cos now the battery cover doesn’t really hold anymore, but it’s working. I’m not used to it anymore. It was THE love of my life a few months ago, but now, it’s a bit like this thing that was once cool, but it isn’t anymore. I toyed with the idea of selling it, but apparently, since there’s a cooler looking 8GB version out, it would be really pointless to try at this point. Might as well flog the life out of it before I get rid of it.

Work… is bleh. However, I realise I no longer resent it as much. I think I’ve finally come to accept it. Nothing great going on thugh; I have become rather painfully aware that I need to build a portfolio. I’d like to enter art school soon, and as much as I draw and doodle and start off on projects I never actually finish, I don’t have much to show for myself. And as someone that has drawn basically my entire life, it’s pretty embarrassing. These days I’ve been actively Googling for Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop tutorials, and also stuff on how to draw human figures. I can’t draw guys and hands for all the money in the world. I originally didn’t draw guys cos I felt they were boring subjects (that opinion hasn’t changed) and it stuck. When my drawings improved, they didn’t for guys. I have no idea why I cant draw hands. I usually have some funny looking thing in that area. Sigh.

However I drove to work yesterday. For the first time. I was not fortunate enough to have it drama-free. I didnt have any issues until some idiot decided to try and squeeze past me on a narrow road. He ruined my front bumper, which I didn’t notice until ten minutes later. Great. It had come off on one side, and was dragging on the road, but it’s something you could snap back into place, even though it will easily fall off again. Sigh. My mum kept calling and trying to make me see reason, you’d think I was going somewhere further than Victoria Island. It’s a refreshing change, at least I don’t have to think about chasing the staff bus anymore. W00t! But it also means I’ll be spending a lot more on fuel… Sigh.

A good friend of mine finally got freed from the (surprisingly fun) chains of Babcock University. Congrats, welcome to the depressing world of self-sustenance!

And finally all the folks that tagged me in this whole weird facts thing. I’m sorry, I’m not a tag person AND I HAVE done it already, plus the random facts, AND the unsolicited rant about what I thought was cool( or not) about me. I’m not that weird that I’ll have to stuff to write every 3 months! Hate to be a spoil sport! But if you want more weird stuff, please check my archives. 🙂

Now.. hopefully, now that I’m about to press the Publish button, maybe that spirit of blogging laziness will leave me be.

9 thoughts on “A Slacker’s Re-Induction into the World of Blog

  1. hmmn…I can feel the drawl in ur writing of someone who jus recovered from blogger’s block…wow…mayn…jus hang in there mayn…it’ll get beta in time…

  2. Finally! That wasn’t so bad now, was it? I enjoy it when people ramble. It gives you an insight to who they are in a different way…get it? Well, never mind. Just trying to say I enjoyed the rambling.

    Please ramble more often. Have a great day!

  3. hmm,
    i did say it was absolutely random for u but then, better than havin us look at 5months old posts!!!!


  4. you got something down. bravo.

    its so annoying when we get so careful driving and some fool from somewhere just ruins it all for us. i mean what were we being careful for if we still have to have a dent? might as well drive agboroish.

    lucky you about the job. this days i’m getting a lil bit restless with mine.

  5. hehehe, i’ve got the same thing going on with feet.i cant draw feet to save my life.so i end up drawing people sitting down with their feet folded under them.meditation style.lol
    I see lagos driving is still as crazy as it was.

  6. there are video tutorials u can find on photoshop and illustrator… you just need to know where to look *wink*

    saw u on twitter… am on you!!!

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