Totally Biased, Opinionated, Hard-To-Please Movie Goer’s Review – Iron Man

So, it’s another year of summer movies, and you know what THAT means… I’m gonna see ’em all!!!

Ok, well, not all. But most. Iron Man was the first of the lot, so here goes my:


I know, you’ve all seen it now…. but I still get to say…Iron Man totally rocked. I mean, I’d been hearing all the hype, and everyone and their mum said they loved it, so I kinda had to believe it. The trailer also looked great. Robert Downey, Jr TOTALLY made that role. He was extremely witty and I loved the attitude. The jokes didn’t suck either. I have no complaints. I was tripped countless times, and the gadgets … O. M. G. My friend K, who I watched it with, was nice enough to remind me most of it was fake. But whatever. I so want his lab for my next birthday present.
Dancing Chicken rating:

out of 5

And for all y’all who aren’t sure what other great stuff is coming for you (and you’re too lazy to Google it), take a looksee:

9 thoughts on “Totally Biased, Opinionated, Hard-To-Please Movie Goer’s Review – Iron Man

  1. Babe saying its amazing is an understatment. I was so soooo happy when Downey Jr was casted instead of a twenty something year old pretty boy. He is the best thing to ever happen to any superhero movie. WOW WOW and double WOW. HE is amazing. And about the lab – been fantasizing about it ever since, especially the extra smart puma robot arms. WOW again. I mean i can go on and on and on and on and on about everything in that movie – absolutely flawless. Downey Jr is …. (i think i’m going to stop not before i sound like a comic book obsessed teenage boy)

  2. Really??

    A friend wanted to see it last week but couldn’t cos I said it would be childish…hmmm he will be well pleased when I tell him I have changed my mind and we can see it….

  3. tag…tag tag…they did me so i am doing you. no vex, when you done, you will do smbdy else. its a cycle of tag. lol!

  4. FIVE dancing chickens? Surely that is a bit generous? Did you not take issue with Gwyneth Paltrow’s role? Or rather lack of one?

    So what’s next on your radar? The new Indy?

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