Shut Yo’ Mouth!

Sure, I could go ahead and write about Democracy Day, and how it’s really pointless (except for the day off work), and how the government has done little to improve our current situation (even though I WILL send a shout-out to Fashola, who’s doing a GREAT job on the roads and beautification on Lagos state, and isn’t making a big show of it, go Fash!), but there are already so many bloggers out there tackling that topic, so I won’t bore you. And myself. Sure, I could go on to say that my car’s up and running again. And sure, I could talk about my new website, that’s coming soon – this time I’m NOT exaggerating, or deceiving myself, the site’s already halfway done, so watch out. June’s the month; Beautiful Disorder is the watch word! W00t!

No… I’m going to have a tiny, little rant today. Why the friggin’ hell can’t keep people keep their opinions to themselves? Why do people think that it’s everything they think that other people want to hear? Why is it that many people lack the ‘filter’ that warns them when they’re thinking of something offensive and OTT to NOT say it?

Yeah, I’m eating something fattening. Whoopsey-freakin do. Telling me I’ll turn into a whale will not make stop eating it, but it will make me resent you for ruining the joy of my meal. And yes, I’m big, I get it. I know. Can we STOP the constant reminders? Do you think making jokes about the size of my arm/leg/butt/whatever body part you’ve noticed recently will endear you to me? You really think people enjoy hearing jokes about things they’re sensitive about?

I pay you the courtesy of not making STUPID comments; do you think you could possibly return the favour?! Is it too much to ask for you to respect yourself, and respect me? Do you think you could learn how to not use everything as a potential punchline, and then giving the excuse, ‘That’s how I am?’ Screw you. That’s how I AM. So don’t make dumb comments to ME. How’s that?


5 thoughts on “Shut Yo’ Mouth!

  1. OMG! such a display of frustration.
    Like i alw say Viv, d only reason anyone should watch wat they eat is for health reasons.
    Personally, i think u look super ultra…er… am sure u know 🙂

  2. There are a lot of pple in this world who think becos they have a mouth they have to use it without thinking. What are u doing to do now?

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