2007 Review! Woohoo!

Since it’s the end of the year. I think it’s only fair that i write about the year that has passed.

It’s been pretty exciting … ok, well, in a ‘yeah, something that’s supposed to be pivotal has happened’ kinda way. I started off this year, with no job, no money, no plan, nothing… just my dreams, a rejection letter from Intercontinental Bank, and an acceptance letter from my current place. By the 8th, I’d started off work doing Insurance work and hating it with all the passion in the world. I was wearing thick, heavy suits to work, and hating THAT too. I had to be dealing with every-day VI traffic and feeling miserable.

But then i started following D to work, and things got a little better. I had a free, AC’d ride to work, with a former classmate and friend, and the suits weren’t SO bad, when you got a few pretty ones. And then I got paid! Oh alleluia! I mean it was like the average corper’s pay, but that plus 8500, and I felt like a millionaire. That’s about the same time the credit addiction started. I couldn’t go a day without having credit.

I finally had my eye surgery in February/March. I’m one eye-ball less, but it’s better.

My life fell into a sort of lazy ritual that started with the Monday rush and ended with the Friday CD hook-ups with my girls. We’d show up for CD, do absolutely nothing, sign our names, and go out a-jollying. Ah, the good times. I miss those. Those 4-day work weeks, and the Friday fun, then I’d cap it all off with a quiet, peaceful weekend at Agbara. But truth be told, I wanted MORE. More fun, more money, and a more interesting job.

The more time progressed, the more likely it seemed that a career in the IT department was a pipe dream I was never going to achieve. Then one fine day, it all CHANGED. I got a call, and a letter was sent to me. I was moving to the IT department. Oh happy day! And not just IT, web development. Exactly what I wanted.

Then things went depressing again. I disliked it somewhat, and the job was really not the party I thought it would be. But I pressed on, and used my newly acquired, fast internet access to learn a few skills.

Finally in July, NYSC began to come to an end, and my past came back to haunt me. The 3 or so months I spent at home (thanks to Intercontinental’s foolishness, and NYSC) were not ignored by officials, and they told me I had to do an extra month. I fought that ruling and was given my papers. I thought that was the end. Until Passing out Parade. And the official rudely told me that I didn’t deserve to pass out because I was sitting at home, while my ‘mates’ were working. After much hustle, and a little tear-jerking, I finally got my walking papers. And I was HAPPY.

I resumed work as a full staff in August, but lost my free ride and D that same month. However, I discovered the convenience of the staff bus, met Darkman in September, and got a pay rise in October. For the first time in 2 yrs I had a SWEET new phone, and the iPod of my dreams. I also got a new colleague at work, and life became more tolerable. Better in fact.

In December, I started off my first real relationship, and began to fully work towards my plans for the future.

All this, and still 3 weeks to my 21st birthday. Despite everything, I have to admit I was pretty well blessed this year. It wasn’t the party I hoped it would be, and at times I felt so miserable I cried tiny little tears of frustration, but you know what?

It wasn’t bad.

Have a great 2008 y’all.


You Know What, SCREW the Countdown

Eji, what can I say, you have a ‘dark gift’ of making me get off my lazy butt and writing a post. But I’ll be the first to admit, the countdown thing wasn’t such a thrilling idea. It did’t help that I’ve been crazy busy these past few days. And NOOO, it’s not cos of Darkman this time. This time, I simply do not have the free time to sit down and compose a post. That and the fact that I’m still inspirationally challenged… so here’s what’s happening to me right now.

It’s 2 weeks till Christmas, and I still haven’t bought Christmas Lights. Which, reminds me, are my best part of the season, people! I love ’em, blue, yellow, green and red, sparkling and ‘cascading’. I love seeing shiny Christmas trees, and I love it even more when people go out of their way and decorate EVERYTHING. Street lamps, trees, gates… the whole 9 yards baby!

Anyway, I’ve officially reached that point in my life when I haven’t got much to complain about. I’ve been thinking about it since Sunday, and it’s like, I have a LOT to be grateful for in this yuletide season. It’s 6 weeks to my 21st birthday, and all of a sudden things have fallen into place. So, let me say:

I’m grateful.

My job, which was once so depressing and boring that I’d look with dread at the office when coming in the morning, as somewhat livened up. Of course now, it’s become an issue of being careful of what you wish for, cos now, I don’t even have time to go out for lunch. Not that I really used to, but saying I wanted to… I wouldn’t … well, be able to.

I gotta man. And it’s GOOD. Of course now, it’s going so well, I fear I might be becoming a bit paranoid. It’s almost like a part of me is waiting for it to go wrong, and that makes me feel soo bad and angry. But I’ll get over it. I hope.

I’m getting a car… HELL YEAH! Well, it’s not a new car. It’s not even a really cool car. It’s my mum’s Nissan Bluebird. Old as hell vehicle, but the it moves, it looks clean, it’s an automatic, and the AC works. Really, what else am I asking for? I’m not greedy! ^^ It’s meant to come back from the mechanic’s tomorrow… fingers crossed I’ll be cruising on the weekend!

I want to go out grooving this weekend, considering as Kitty’s coming to stay over. I haven’t seen her in a while… or heard any of her funny insults. It could be fun. But… my dad. Oh, my dad. My dear, dear ‘understanding’ father who doesn’t 100% trust me, and thinks I’m lying when I say I want to stay over at Bus’s house. He banned me from staying over anywhere EVER. Sigh. I’ll find a way around it. By hook, or crook. I’m too young/old for this crap.

I’m also brainstorming on a laptop. Anyone with advice on that would be appreciated. I have to choose between an HP Pavillion dv9000 that has all the features EVER including 320gb HDD, 2GB RAM, 2GHz processor and 17″ display, tv tuner … so on and another one with 1gogb hdd, 2gb ram and a 1.5ghz, no bluetooth and 15k extra on the bill. Why? Because the first one has a processor noone encourages me to use. To be fair, I don’t really need bluetooth, but I’ve gotten greedy on features, and I feel a notebook without bluetooth is a bummer. Anyone with an idea of an HP Pavillion that actually runs on Intel, has 2gb ram and 17 inches will be loved for life.

That’s me. For now. Maybe something exciting will crop up. Maybe not. I’m at this point where I found I don’t care anymore. I’m just so OK. ^^

Hm (*ponders thoughtfully*) …

Eji, you’re probably right. Upon reflection, maybe it IS cos of Darkman.

Mehhhn, I’m whipped.

18 Days – Invalid

Right, so, as Azuri, so nicely pointed out, I slacked in the countdown. No fault of mine, I’ve actually been down with what turned out to be a combined mess of typhoid AND malaria. Trust me now, I don’t do things small time.

I got to work on Wednesday, feeling great, looking good, expecting a later visit from a certain someone, and even though I was swamped, NOTHING could dampen my mood. So I popped out for a late breakfast, came back and…

Felt like crap. I couldn’t believe it. I was suddenly weak and irritable. Everywhere hurt and I couldn’t think. This change happened so quickly I thought it was something else. Maybe I was sleepy. Maybe I’d eaten too much? Nope, that wasn’t it. An hour later, all I wanted to do was wave my magic wand and appear at home. Needless to say I was unproductive for the rest of the day. I ignored all my calls from the people I had jobs pending for, and fought sleep for 2 hours until Darkman came and helped me kill 2 and a half hours before closing time. I had work to do, but who cared? I had the attention span of a goldfish that evening anyway.

Thursday, I stayed home. That was a double edged sword. Sure I got to sleep it off but the parental harassment, I could have lived without. At the end of the day, I pulled myself out of bed around 12, upset I had to cut off on watching my ‘Deathnote’ and head to a lab (where the woman missed my vein 3 times and caused me pain beyond measureto prove what my mum had predicted last week. Yippee *eye roll* I don’t know what’s up with my health these days.

Could have stayed home today, but I don’t need that drama. But drama I KNOW I’m gonna have. I came in saw TEN missed calls on my extension and 20-something mails. 1 from my manager chastising me for not letting her know I was not coming in to work, and and another one from one of the many job-owners. Oh, yay.

To add to the issues, my dad’s not going back to Agbara tonight, so I can’t go out with my friends (he kinda banned me from staying over anywhere ever, not my fault, pinkie swear).

Due to my crappy mood, I don’t much feel like talking about Christmas. Maybe tomorrow. Cos word on the grapevine is… yup, you guessed it – I may have to work n SATURDAY.

22 Days

Ok… perhaps I was feeling a little over ambitious about the ‘daily countdown’ thingy.

Had a fun weekend. Had to head to work on Saturday to support the new upgrade going on, but my presence was not needed, and you couldn’t imagine my surprise this morning when I found out two of my colleagues had done the night shift. It was like… WHY?!?!? They, especially the chick, acted like she’d done me this GREAT favour by showing up. I was like, why didn’t you call me??? I was around, and I won’t have minded night work ( cos then I won’t show up all DAY, he-llo). But whatever right?

Anyway, met up with Darkman, he came to my crib, a move I regret cos our touchy security guy was around and complained to my sister, who SUDDENLY realised that maybe he shouldn’t be at our Anthony place. Keeping up appearances, she said. I don’t give a toss ( a thought I’ve found that I have more often this days). We went out instead and had a LOVELY time. Got home at the ungodly hour of 10. Was that enough for us? NO, we still had to kill 4 more hours on the phone…

So, I strolled into work this morning (not following the staff bus cos it left ultra early this morning, and I went against my better judgment and had a 1-hour chat with Darkman at 2am) and looked in the mirror, only to not recognize myself. I kid you not. I looked DARK and PIMPLY. Anyhoo, on climbing into my floor… I heard it, resonating quietly but obviously from the in-built speakers in the ceiling (those things never work)…


They’re easily the BEST part of Christmas for me (after the sparkly lights of course, woot!). I remember since I was a child, Silent Night and O’ Holy Night have been my best, and for some reason, they both used to make me cry. Especially the bit at the end of Silent night that goes ‘Sleep in heaven in peace’. What can I say, I’m emotional. It’s always ‘interesting’ to hear all these artists come up with a Christmas album, but the best I’ve heard so far are NSync, Destiny’s Child and maybe Christina Aguilera (if she didn’t butcher it a little with her voice).
For some reason though, I’ve barely heard any this year, and we’re in December.
What’s going on people? Cool Fm used to be my one-stop shop for Carols, but they’ve been slacking these days, running us down with adverts half the hour.

I think I’ll go buy a Christmas CD. Or not.

24 Days!!!

I can see there is an interesting amount of y’all that would like to hear about Darkman.

Sorry to disappoint!!!

Anyway, Christmas is coming… la dee da! I used to realy LUURVE Christmas, but the past couple of years have been pretty dull, and there just doesn’t seem to be any SPIRIT if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I’ve kinda sparkled up the blog a bit. It was a rush job, so I hope to improve upon it.

In my bid to make up for my past 2 slacker months, I’m going to do a daily countdown to Christmas, just generally talking about things in the season I love. Till tomorrow then!!!