My Life is a Beautiful Disorder -Change is Coming

Great news, y’all. I’m moving HOUSE!!!

Well, not my HOUSE, house, but I’m excited to say that (fingers crossed), from the next week or two, I’ll be abandoning Blogger, and switching to WordPress. And not only that, but ‘Confessions of She’ will be no more.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present… Beautiful Disorder.

Why that name you ask? What does it mean? To be frank, I do NOT know where the name came from. I was throwing up a mock-up of my to- be site, and I was idly looking for a nice title… and the phrase just popped up in my head. I like it somewhat. Beautiful Disorder… yeah, that’s me to a point. It’s time I had a layout more reflective of my talents as a designer.

All my blog posts will be moved to that new site, so no worries there. And for those of you that may not know, I’ll redirect the site to the new one when the time is right. So, I think that this might be one of my last posts here on Blogger.

I’m excited. See y’all on the other side!

UPDATE: Sorry bout that folks, due to a hosting error, there won’t be anything on the new site for the meantime, hoefully all would be resolved later in the day, i.e. Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “My Life is a Beautiful Disorder -Change is Coming

  1. Now, let’s take a moment of silence in respect to the confessions of she. COS has been there for us through the good times and the bad, it has made us cry, laugh and wonder…what on earth is this chic ranting about? But still, posts like “valentine rant”, and one of my personal favourites “i don’t like you – can’t you tell” will linger in out thoughts, and others like
    “a slackers re-introduction into the world of blogging” would make us wonder did the site lead a good life or was it being abondoned during its last days… [sigh].

    (insert low sad violin music in the background)

    But now we must look forward to the days ahead, the days of beautiful disorder, COS did all the ground work but beautiful disorder will carry on the glory.

    (insert – full band music)

    The glory that would (hopefully) be seen in the days to come.

    Goodbye Confessions of she, we will miss you.

  2. i went 2 beautiful disorder o. there’s nothing there! it doesn’t appear 2 b a valid website just yet

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