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dddThe diva still has a pulse!

Six weeks after Lifetime pulled the plug on Drop Dead Diva, the network has renewed the dramedy for a fifth season.

PHOTOS | 25 Shows We’d Remake or Revive Now

According to our sister site Deadline, which first broke the news, Diva‘s producer Sony TV came up with a more feasible “financial model” for the show, paving the way for Lifetime’s about-face.

Thoughts? Are you enjoying this TV’s new un-cancellation trend (see also AMC’s The Killing, Fox’s Breaking In, etc)?

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My Life is a Beautiful Disorder -Change is Coming

Great news, y’all. I’m moving HOUSE!!!

Well, not my HOUSE, house, but I’m excited to say that (fingers crossed), from the next week or two, I’ll be abandoning Blogger, and switching to WordPress. And not only that, but ‘Confessions of She’ will be no more.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present… Beautiful Disorder.

Why that name you ask? What does it mean? To be frank, I do NOT know where the name came from. I was throwing up a mock-up of my to- be site, and I was idly looking for a nice title… and the phrase just popped up in my head. I like it somewhat. Beautiful Disorder… yeah, that’s me to a point. It’s time I had a layout more reflective of my talents as a designer.

All my blog posts will be moved to that new site, so no worries there. And for those of you that may not know, I’ll redirect the site to the new one when the time is right. So, I think that this might be one of my last posts here on Blogger.

I’m excited. See y’all on the other side!

UPDATE: Sorry bout that folks, due to a hosting error, there won’t be anything on the new site for the meantime, hoefully all would be resolved later in the day, i.e. Tuesday.

Money, Money, Money – It’s so Funny…

Yeah, so I went back on my pinky swear. I suck. Whatevs.

They never told us about this. It’s THEIR fault, darned older folks!

Ok… Maybe they did. But they didn’t say it SERIOUSLY enough. They said it in jest, and at the wrongest times, like when we weren’t paying enough attention, or listening, or when our minds were more occupied with getting the thing we asked for.

They never said that every other hour would be punctuated by a thought about money, or how much money you don’t have, or how much money you’re owing/being owed, or how much money you need to save to get commodity A or B.

Our parents DECEIVED us, I tell you. They never gave the ‘when you’re older you’ll realize how hard it is to get money’ with enough URGENCY and EMERGENCY. If they had, maybe I won’t be sinking into near hysteria right now. I would have cultivated the art of meditation and ‘woosah’-ing ahead of time, so when I did encounter these financial mishaps, I would channel my inner whatchucallit and taken all this better.

Okay, maybe I’m overstating it a bit. But really, I’m sick of thinking about money. And I’m barely starting my 20-ies. Yes, you can say it, I’m screwed. It’s all my fault, I should have taken my time in school, and postponed all this maturity business for a more convenient time.

My jalopy, drinking money like it was fuel, my upkeep i.e. groceries, clothes, and what-have you, the future, school… Sigh.

I’m not obsessed. God knows, if I had my way, I would just slot my ATM card anywhere I could and pay for whatever, whenever. But I can’t because I’m not crazy. I’ve got to be all quasi-organized and have lots of lists and plans and long-term, short-term goals that are driving me crazy because they’re not working.

Maybe I should follow the tide and get a filthy rich boyfriend. Or not.

There’s nothing more ridiculous/depressing than perpetually counting down till pay-day I tell you. And somehow, something tells me I won’t improve much if I had a higher paying job.

Basically, this has been a bad month for me in terms of money. My car has gone to the shop TWICE; its most recent trip is apparently going to set me back by 25 large. My rather expensive phone got stolen, and I simply can’t afford to get anything else, so I’m stuck using this crap, tired 3210 that has no ‘3’ button (texting is a trick I tell you), I knocked over a careless okada guy and had to placate him and the passenger with a few hundreds, a loan I applied for was never approved ( I think they actually lost the application, but I can’t kill myself), I renewed my internet subscription just to find the service was crap all last weekend, while my car was at the shop, someone stole my shoes (believe it or not) and 1500 bucks I had forgotten in the pigeon hole. The second part was carelessness on my part, so I couldn’t even tell my mum. Add to that the fact that for the first time this year, I’m broke before payday, you can imagine my agitation.

I’ve been out of it blog-wise, primarily because there are only a few things on my mind, one of them is what I lamented about above, the rest, I don’t think are internet-worthy. For now.

So, much as I hate to say it, I might not be as frequent a blogger as I used to be. I think I’ve done all the complaining I can do for a while, but who knows. Maybe the spirit will hit me. I dunno. Just don’t be surprised if there are post-droughts.

It’s going to get better, I guess. God will provide.

Shut Yo’ Mouth!

Sure, I could go ahead and write about Democracy Day, and how it’s really pointless (except for the day off work), and how the government has done little to improve our current situation (even though I WILL send a shout-out to Fashola, who’s doing a GREAT job on the roads and beautification on Lagos state, and isn’t making a big show of it, go Fash!), but there are already so many bloggers out there tackling that topic, so I won’t bore you. And myself. Sure, I could go on to say that my car’s up and running again. And sure, I could talk about my new website, that’s coming soon – this time I’m NOT exaggerating, or deceiving myself, the site’s already halfway done, so watch out. June’s the month; Beautiful Disorder is the watch word! W00t!

No… I’m going to have a tiny, little rant today. Why the friggin’ hell can’t keep people keep their opinions to themselves? Why do people think that it’s everything they think that other people want to hear? Why is it that many people lack the ‘filter’ that warns them when they’re thinking of something offensive and OTT to NOT say it?

Yeah, I’m eating something fattening. Whoopsey-freakin do. Telling me I’ll turn into a whale will not make stop eating it, but it will make me resent you for ruining the joy of my meal. And yes, I’m big, I get it. I know. Can we STOP the constant reminders? Do you think making jokes about the size of my arm/leg/butt/whatever body part you’ve noticed recently will endear you to me? You really think people enjoy hearing jokes about things they’re sensitive about?

I pay you the courtesy of not making STUPID comments; do you think you could possibly return the favour?! Is it too much to ask for you to respect yourself, and respect me? Do you think you could learn how to not use everything as a potential punchline, and then giving the excuse, ‘That’s how I am?’ Screw you. That’s how I AM. So don’t make dumb comments to ME. How’s that?

My Jallopy Sucks.

So, I think deep down I knew my car was a tragedy waiting to happen, but I consoled myself with the fact that it was functional and I went from Point A to Point B reasonably comfortable.

Yesterday, however, I could tempt fate no longer. I already had a front bumper that dislodged at the worst moments, and a shaft that was nice enough to clear its throat for my attention every time I turned a corner or climbed a bridge. I mentioned these things to my dad, who had made a point of warning me when I first started driving the car that if it ever had any trouble, I should call him and no-one else, or I could get ripped off. He seemed very nonchalant, and seemed more concerned with whether the car moved well or not.

Yesterday morning, I attempted to start the car… and it died almost instantly. Hm, fair enough, it’s done that before, and when I complained, no-one took me seriously. My dad and his driver had acted like I was being paranoid.

I turn the key again; it comes on… and dies. I found that the trick was to rev it as soon as I started it, and gently stroke the engine with tiny caresses of my foot on the accelerator till it warmed enough for me to move it. And after all, it was ok once I got moving, right? But as my sis and I sailed along towards work, I couldn’t help feeling like something was not right. That nagging voice kept bugging me in my head. At a point, before we drove out of the compound, I actually contemplated bussing it to work. All is manageable, and then somewhere on Third Mainland bridge I start getting that horrible feeling again. And I keep hearing noises.

Turns out my paranoia was half right. Towards the end I notice a couple of people point towards the front of my car. My bumper had slipped off on one side again. We park, fix it. And I think, no big, I’m going to get that done on Thursday. The rest of the trip is uneventful. I get to work, and my seatbelt’s gone and stained my lovely sky-blue shirt. GRRR. Also, I’ve acquired a nice big dirt spot on my trousers that won’t be brushed off.

Irritable, I go about my day, not really paying attention to what I was doing, feeling down and unlike myself. I just wanted the day to end. Come after 8, I leave my office and start my car. It does that crap again. This time, I have to actually force the car to move before it was warm to keep it on. Every corner that I had to slow down and turn, the car would hiccup and begin to die, but I would accelerate it hard and it would recover. My sister wasted 20 minutes of my life in her office’s parking lot, with each second, my fear about the car steadily increasing. I was already 100% sure I wasn’t driving it again that week.

We get going, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘God, please let us get home, I don’t feel good about this.’ Guess not. We were almost on our way out of VI, and for the first time ever I saw traffic climbing a bridge towards CMS. I ignored my instincts for the millionth time that day and climbed the bridge instead of going under it. The car couldn’t make it. Especially as there was slow-moving traffic climbing. It died. And nothing I did worked. We were stuck. I hit the handbrake so we wouldn’t slide backwards, which meant I couldn’t rev the car to move.

About 10-minutes later, a couple of good Samaritans, 2 guys, stop and try to help. I was apprehensive, but they proved over and over again that they were sincere. Asked me to hold their keys while they tried to start my car. Unable to, they finally helped us push it back off the bridge and into the Ecobank head office close by where my sister had begged the security to let us park. The guys drive us to somewhere where we could get a cab. An over-priced one. But it was almost 10pm, we were tired and desperate. The taxi guy burned more of our time by going to queue for fuel.

Think that was the end? Pfft. We entered traffic. Serious crazy traffic. We didn’t get home till 11.20pm. By this time, I was fatigued and hungry, but all I wanted was bed. Guess what? I forgot the key to our side of the house in the car. My dad, once again, showed no real concern for our predicament(s). I didn’t even bother calling my mum, she would have flipped. So we jack the door, ruining the wall near it. I slept at midnight.

This morning, my alarm went off. And I ignored it. I got to work late. My car is still wasting away in Ecobank’s parking lot. I have no idea how to move it. I suddenly resent that vehicle. A lot. It’s like, a million years old. Why am I driving it?

Anyone willing to dash me a car, I won’t say no. Offers are now open.

Here’s to you, Ejiro!

Alright, so, today is a special someone‘s birthday, and I thought it would only be right to do this (*cough* actually, she asked for this as a present *cough*).

Ejiro. What can I say. I spent all day thinking of the perfect thing to write, especially as I’ve written a post before, but like a friend said, ‘Write something nice, as long as you mean it.’

She’s the longest friend I’ve ever had. Well, it’s been what, 10 years? Ejiro, 10 years. We need to have an anniversary. Or something. From the day in JSS2 when I wore my pinafore wrong, and she barely has any hair worth talking about… who knew we’d still be pals 10 years later?

That’s awesome. And she’s awesome (don’t let your head swell o).

I still miss the days when the height of our worries was copying our endless Economics notes, and spending hours after school on some Fine Art assignment or the other. I remember at the end of SS3, she said, ‘I’m sure you’re going to go out there and find another best friend’. Sigh… while i may have made some lifelong friends in the past 6 years (wow, SIX, we’re old), and while we may have our gaps in communication (I love that we could still resume it like we has just spoken yesterday), she’ll always have a place in my heart. Gosh, that was mushy. But it was necessary.

Happy Birthday, girlfriend, I hope you had fun, and I know i say this every year… but you’re OLD. ER. Than me. 🙂 And come back home! Its been almost 2 years!!!

P.s. i wrote this better, before, but Blogger is retarded and wiped it…

Totally Biased, Opinionated, Hard-To-Please Movie Goer’s Review – Iron Man

So, it’s another year of summer movies, and you know what THAT means… I’m gonna see ’em all!!!

Ok, well, not all. But most. Iron Man was the first of the lot, so here goes my:


I know, you’ve all seen it now…. but I still get to say…Iron Man totally rocked. I mean, I’d been hearing all the hype, and everyone and their mum said they loved it, so I kinda had to believe it. The trailer also looked great. Robert Downey, Jr TOTALLY made that role. He was extremely witty and I loved the attitude. The jokes didn’t suck either. I have no complaints. I was tripped countless times, and the gadgets … O. M. G. My friend K, who I watched it with, was nice enough to remind me most of it was fake. But whatever. I so want his lab for my next birthday present.
Dancing Chicken rating:

out of 5

And for all y’all who aren’t sure what other great stuff is coming for you (and you’re too lazy to Google it), take a looksee:

A Slacker’s Re-Induction into the World of Blog

This is, like… way overdue. I’ve had this compose page open all week. Haunting me with my inadequacies.

I’ve been out of it for a while. Sure there’ve been a few things on my mind, but putting it to paper has just been… I started a few posts, decided they were too personal/controversial/just plain sucky, and gave it up. I visited my blog every day and was startled to see that despite my lack of anything new, I still averaged about 30 hits per day. Thanks for dropping by!!! 😀

Anyways, as LaReine rightly put it, I gotta blog about something. Before I go on, I also have to send a shout out to some ‘fans’ I met at Shoprite last week. We went to school together, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them say they’ve been quietly following my blog. Don’t forget to come back, y’all! 🙂

Life’s been pretty dry. So uneventful in fact, that I’ve begun to worry. Is this it? Is this going to be MY pathetic story? Work 14 hrs a day, pray for Friday, and then get angry on Sunday cos another week’s approaching?

Well, anyway, things have reached a steady pace. Some good news: I got my phone back. Yup, after about 3 months of misery, and a quiet acceptance of my fate, I got my Nokia N95 back. It’s rather scratched from the hands it was in, and I have to be careful how hard I drop it on a surface, cos now the battery cover doesn’t really hold anymore, but it’s working. I’m not used to it anymore. It was THE love of my life a few months ago, but now, it’s a bit like this thing that was once cool, but it isn’t anymore. I toyed with the idea of selling it, but apparently, since there’s a cooler looking 8GB version out, it would be really pointless to try at this point. Might as well flog the life out of it before I get rid of it.

Work… is bleh. However, I realise I no longer resent it as much. I think I’ve finally come to accept it. Nothing great going on thugh; I have become rather painfully aware that I need to build a portfolio. I’d like to enter art school soon, and as much as I draw and doodle and start off on projects I never actually finish, I don’t have much to show for myself. And as someone that has drawn basically my entire life, it’s pretty embarrassing. These days I’ve been actively Googling for Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop tutorials, and also stuff on how to draw human figures. I can’t draw guys and hands for all the money in the world. I originally didn’t draw guys cos I felt they were boring subjects (that opinion hasn’t changed) and it stuck. When my drawings improved, they didn’t for guys. I have no idea why I cant draw hands. I usually have some funny looking thing in that area. Sigh.

However I drove to work yesterday. For the first time. I was not fortunate enough to have it drama-free. I didnt have any issues until some idiot decided to try and squeeze past me on a narrow road. He ruined my front bumper, which I didn’t notice until ten minutes later. Great. It had come off on one side, and was dragging on the road, but it’s something you could snap back into place, even though it will easily fall off again. Sigh. My mum kept calling and trying to make me see reason, you’d think I was going somewhere further than Victoria Island. It’s a refreshing change, at least I don’t have to think about chasing the staff bus anymore. W00t! But it also means I’ll be spending a lot more on fuel… Sigh.

A good friend of mine finally got freed from the (surprisingly fun) chains of Babcock University. Congrats, welcome to the depressing world of self-sustenance!

And finally all the folks that tagged me in this whole weird facts thing. I’m sorry, I’m not a tag person AND I HAVE done it already, plus the random facts, AND the unsolicited rant about what I thought was cool( or not) about me. I’m not that weird that I’ll have to stuff to write every 3 months! Hate to be a spoil sport! But if you want more weird stuff, please check my archives. 🙂

Now.. hopefully, now that I’m about to press the Publish button, maybe that spirit of blogging laziness will leave me be.