A Slacker’s Re-Induction into the World of Blog

This is, like… way overdue. I’ve had this compose page open all week. Haunting me with my inadequacies.

I’ve been out of it for a while. Sure there’ve been a few things on my mind, but putting it to paper has just been… I started a few posts, decided they were too personal/controversial/just plain sucky, and gave it up. I visited my blog every day and was startled to see that despite my lack of anything new, I still averaged about 30 hits per day. Thanks for dropping by!!! 😀

Anyways, as LaReine rightly put it, I gotta blog about something. Before I go on, I also have to send a shout out to some ‘fans’ I met at Shoprite last week. We went to school together, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them say they’ve been quietly following my blog. Don’t forget to come back, y’all! 🙂

Life’s been pretty dry. So uneventful in fact, that I’ve begun to worry. Is this it? Is this going to be MY pathetic story? Work 14 hrs a day, pray for Friday, and then get angry on Sunday cos another week’s approaching?

Well, anyway, things have reached a steady pace. Some good news: I got my phone back. Yup, after about 3 months of misery, and a quiet acceptance of my fate, I got my Nokia N95 back. It’s rather scratched from the hands it was in, and I have to be careful how hard I drop it on a surface, cos now the battery cover doesn’t really hold anymore, but it’s working. I’m not used to it anymore. It was THE love of my life a few months ago, but now, it’s a bit like this thing that was once cool, but it isn’t anymore. I toyed with the idea of selling it, but apparently, since there’s a cooler looking 8GB version out, it would be really pointless to try at this point. Might as well flog the life out of it before I get rid of it.

Work… is bleh. However, I realise I no longer resent it as much. I think I’ve finally come to accept it. Nothing great going on thugh; I have become rather painfully aware that I need to build a portfolio. I’d like to enter art school soon, and as much as I draw and doodle and start off on projects I never actually finish, I don’t have much to show for myself. And as someone that has drawn basically my entire life, it’s pretty embarrassing. These days I’ve been actively Googling for Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop tutorials, and also stuff on how to draw human figures. I can’t draw guys and hands for all the money in the world. I originally didn’t draw guys cos I felt they were boring subjects (that opinion hasn’t changed) and it stuck. When my drawings improved, they didn’t for guys. I have no idea why I cant draw hands. I usually have some funny looking thing in that area. Sigh.

However I drove to work yesterday. For the first time. I was not fortunate enough to have it drama-free. I didnt have any issues until some idiot decided to try and squeeze past me on a narrow road. He ruined my front bumper, which I didn’t notice until ten minutes later. Great. It had come off on one side, and was dragging on the road, but it’s something you could snap back into place, even though it will easily fall off again. Sigh. My mum kept calling and trying to make me see reason, you’d think I was going somewhere further than Victoria Island. It’s a refreshing change, at least I don’t have to think about chasing the staff bus anymore. W00t! But it also means I’ll be spending a lot more on fuel… Sigh.

A good friend of mine finally got freed from the (surprisingly fun) chains of Babcock University. Congrats, welcome to the depressing world of self-sustenance!

And finally all the folks that tagged me in this whole weird facts thing. I’m sorry, I’m not a tag person AND I HAVE done it already, plus the random facts, AND the unsolicited rant about what I thought was cool( or not) about me. I’m not that weird that I’ll have to stuff to write every 3 months! Hate to be a spoil sport! But if you want more weird stuff, please check my archives. 🙂

Now.. hopefully, now that I’m about to press the Publish button, maybe that spirit of blogging laziness will leave me be.


I Miss Blogging…

… But I’m having Blogger’s block.

Geddit? Blog block….

No? Never mind, then.

A Much Needed Update

So it’s been a bit. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, punctuated by deadlines, headaches, falling ill, crappy Vals and WORK. So, all the urgent work FINALLY done, I think it’s time for a bit of an update.

As predicted, I didn’t do much on Vals worth mentioning. I did however, do some marathon walking. Because, yes, as much as I didn’t see the need to do anything, Darkman felt so, and apparently, so did every other person in LAGOS. After work, I could neither find a bike or a cab, the traffic was B**** and I had to walk… well, let’s just say I walked for almost an hour in VI, in heat, in suit, in VERY FOUL MOOD. We met up at City Mall, and I was sourly and I showed it. There were walking clichés every where, from all the redness to all the balloons and flowers and crap, and the fact that I had probably lost 5 pounds walking in that late night heat.

In a nutshell, it kinda sucked. We left 30 minutes later, exchanged gifts and I went home to sleep.

I hate Valentine’s Day.

Last week I went through a period of physical disillusionment where I felt I looked like crap, and the feeling hung about till like Wednesday when I had a chat with Bus and we exchanged laments, and she did that friend thing where she told me just how well I DID look, and how I carried myself, and the likes, and I felt better.

The weekend was cool, Kitty and I, in the absence of the ultimate party starter, Bus, decided to go get our hair done. It doesn’t fail to fascinate me how I have bus’d to pretty much every corner of Lagos within the past 3 or so years, and now that I have a car, I can’t do without getting lost. For every new route I take, I have to go through at least 5 extra minutes of fuel burning and head scratching before I get to where I’m going.

We were going to Surulere, right? I said, let’s go to Make-Me Salon, right? And Kitty was like, yeah, sure. At first we try getting detailed directions from her friend cos after Ojuelegba bus stop I pretty much couldn’t remember jack. He tries, but it’s too much of ‘climb the first bridge, then the second, don’t climb the third, go left…’ so we decided to rough it.

All was going well, we got past Ojuelegba, got past National Stadium, then got to a roundabout… then I got confused again. Do I go straight, or go round? We decided to stop and ask.

Let me digress for a moment. I have a few simple rules when I’m driving and you’re sitting in the passenger seat:

  1. Don’t be a backseat driver. I’m not blind. I’m not stupid. Telling me to slow down, or speed up, or trafficate mere seconds before I’m about to do so is annoying. I KNOW.
  2. Don’t be an alarmist. Randomly yelling, ‘LOOK OUT!’ or ‘DON’T FORGET THE TURNING!’ is extremely irritating, and if said at the wrong time, will get us both killed.
  3. Touch my steering wheel and DIE.

Unfortunately, Kitty failed the second one. As we slowed down to ask for directions, some mallam suddenly attaches himself to her window, and stares in creepily. I was like, WTF, and then a couple more appear on both sides. Then a couple more. Kitty started freaking out and said I should ‘GO! What are you waiting for? Go!’

I admit, that in the heat of the moment, I didn’t reason out the events properly. So, I picked up the panic and stepped on the accelerator action movie style. And action movie style, the first mallam hung on to the car for like 30 feet, and we freaked out even more. It was like, what does he want? Why won’t he go away? How is he still hanging on to the car? We eventually lose him, and breathe a sigh of relief. It turns out they just thought we wanted to change money. But did they have to act like hungry hyenas???? As a result of my Gone in 60 Seconds remake, we’d succeeded in going the wrong way. We drove, and drove, trying to find a familiar street.

Asking Lagosians for directions is POINTLESS. We asked 2 different people, and they told us two different things. After a looong time, I said, ‘I feel like I’m at Yaba’. And lo and behold, we found ourselves back at… Ojuelegba. We’d driven around in a circle. I was irritated. I asked for directions again, and as I tried to move, the car decided to die. I gave that car every insult I could think of, cos I was in the middle of the road. It starts again, after much ado, FINALLY, we get to Adeniran Ogunsanya… And can’t find make-me. Pissed, we decided to hit downtown instead. Kitty wasn’t impressed with the way her hair was done, but mine seems to have turned out to be a hit.

We ended the night with too much food and white wine. Yeah, it sounds a whole better than it was. And white wine really doesn’t taste that good. It was a gift, and I didn’t want to try it alone, that just sounds sad and alcoholic-ish. So, we spent 10 minutes looking for a corkscrew or something like it, before seriously contemplating just breaking the top part of like we did once in school. We just couldn’t find a good surface. Kitty had a moment of genius and just pushed the cork into the bottle. For something we didn’t like, we drank quite a bit, getting almost halfway. Unfortunately the drink triggered off Kitty’s ulcer later in the night. Ooops.

Before I sign out, a little blog-surfing for you. Heard about this stupid Indecent Dressing bill a while back from my mum (who was equally unimpressed by the foolish Sentor’s misplaced priorites) but I kinda forgot it again until I saw Bellanaija, Funmi Iyanda and Naijablog’s posts on it this afternoon. I don’t have to say much, they’ve all said it for me. Let me just say I started off this week not thinking too highly of men in general, and then to see a fellow female making that ignorant, stupid insinuation that a chick in a skirt is responsible for being sexually harassed by some pervert SICKENS me. I’m irritated that this bill hasn’t been squashed already.

Peace y’all, I got work to do.

Onyeka Takes on New Adventures Ep.1

Onyeka takes on Sunday Drivers

So I FINALLY made the bold and daring leap from depressed pedestrian to happy driver. You know… sort of. Sunday morning, I drove down from Agbara to Anthony. I would have gone straight to Bus’s house, but I got a severe fear of getting lost.

I know, years and years of bussing and I never really paid attention to the routes that MATTERED. Oddly though, I didn’t lose my way, until I was about to make my way to Bus’s place. On my way out of Anthony, I missed the exit that would have taken me towards to Third Mainland via Town Planning, and found myself headed down a straight and totally ‘un-Uturnable’ road to Oshodi and beyond. After about 5-7 minutes of fuel burning, I decided to stop and ask for directions. I thought it would be REALLY SILLY if I had to get all the way to Mile 2 just because I missed a turning. Luckily I escaped that embarrassing situation and got to Ikoyi some mins later where Bus and Viva decided to give the car a once-over. They even told their mum about my ‘amazing’ feat, at which point she double hi-five’d me.

Getting to Darkman’s house? Not so smooth. First of all, Bus and Viva misdirected me (they refused to admit this though) and instead of finding my self on the way back to Third Mainland, i somehow ended up on Osbourne. I recovered quickly and got as far as CMS… then I took another wrong turning somewhere, and found myself going the WRONG WAY on a one-way road. I asked at the beginning if it was 2-way, and trust Lagosians, they nodded enthusiastically. I was just lucky it was a Sunday, and no LASTMA was around. After that, I managed to hit someone (more like brushed him with my side mirror – but saying I hit him gives it a more dramatic effect), while driving through one of the narrowest and congested streets I’ve encountered so far. Balogun. THEN, I performed the 25-point turn when attempting to turn a narrow U-turn. At a point there were like 5 people just yelling instructions at me… Hmm, I think I may have scratched the car, but who knows? The finale was parking in his compound.

I told him quite truthfully after that next time, I’ll just park and take a bike there. Saying all this doesn’t mean I’m a bad driver… I’m just not very good. Not like Bus (she’s my vehicular HERO) who dares the twists and turns, crooks and crannies of Lagos… and manages to do it LAUGHING.

Onyeka takes on the Kerosene Stove

So due to an inflation in gas rates and just a general scarcity of all things gas, we have resorted in my house to perpetually using the Electric cooker. While not a bad way of cooking, is miserably slow, so when we need to cook something large like soup or stews, we use…. CHARCOAL!! Believe it.

At Anthony however, apparently we have now been sentenced to a kerosene stove. Last night my dad unwrapped some random Christmas gift he had abandoned somewhere, which was the stove and together we tried to solve the mystery that was assembling it. It went pretty well. My sister was an uncaring observer, and halfway through she disappeared into our room much to my dad’s irritation. It was very rickety, and nothing quite seemed to fit into anything, but after about 20 minutes, with about as much ceremony as the lighting of the Olympic torch, the little stove came to roaring life.

We did this outside because we’ve all heard too many exploding stove stories. I looked at it with boredom – I wanted to go to bed – but had to smile when I saw the happy triumph on my dad’s face. Fast forward to this morning. I had originally made a mental note to get up a few minutes earlier, so that I could boil water AND still have time to make my dad’s breakfast. Well, guess what, I didn’t.

First of all it took ages to light the stove, then AGES for the water to get hot (I had to have a hot bath, mehn, it was COLD). Then I had to do my dad’s grub. The pots were nice and black by the time I was done, so I had to scrub it off. Oh yay. Then I forgot that turning off the fire was not as easy as turning a knob. I didn’t realise that till I was about to go and I still saw a hint of flame. I did all this, plus have my bath, arrange my hair and dress up… in 30 minutes. Can someone give me a virtual high five for kicking domestic butt?? Anyone?!

You Know What, SCREW the Countdown

Eji, what can I say, you have a ‘dark gift’ of making me get off my lazy butt and writing a post. But I’ll be the first to admit, the countdown thing wasn’t such a thrilling idea. It did’t help that I’ve been crazy busy these past few days. And NOOO, it’s not cos of Darkman this time. This time, I simply do not have the free time to sit down and compose a post. That and the fact that I’m still inspirationally challenged… so here’s what’s happening to me right now.

It’s 2 weeks till Christmas, and I still haven’t bought Christmas Lights. Which, reminds me, are my best part of the season, people! I love ’em, blue, yellow, green and red, sparkling and ‘cascading’. I love seeing shiny Christmas trees, and I love it even more when people go out of their way and decorate EVERYTHING. Street lamps, trees, gates… the whole 9 yards baby!

Anyway, I’ve officially reached that point in my life when I haven’t got much to complain about. I’ve been thinking about it since Sunday, and it’s like, I have a LOT to be grateful for in this yuletide season. It’s 6 weeks to my 21st birthday, and all of a sudden things have fallen into place. So, let me say:

I’m grateful.

My job, which was once so depressing and boring that I’d look with dread at the office when coming in the morning, as somewhat livened up. Of course now, it’s become an issue of being careful of what you wish for, cos now, I don’t even have time to go out for lunch. Not that I really used to, but saying I wanted to… I wouldn’t … well, be able to.

I gotta man. And it’s GOOD. Of course now, it’s going so well, I fear I might be becoming a bit paranoid. It’s almost like a part of me is waiting for it to go wrong, and that makes me feel soo bad and angry. But I’ll get over it. I hope.

I’m getting a car… HELL YEAH! Well, it’s not a new car. It’s not even a really cool car. It’s my mum’s Nissan Bluebird. Old as hell vehicle, but the it moves, it looks clean, it’s an automatic, and the AC works. Really, what else am I asking for? I’m not greedy! ^^ It’s meant to come back from the mechanic’s tomorrow… fingers crossed I’ll be cruising on the weekend!

I want to go out grooving this weekend, considering as Kitty’s coming to stay over. I haven’t seen her in a while… or heard any of her funny insults. It could be fun. But… my dad. Oh, my dad. My dear, dear ‘understanding’ father who doesn’t 100% trust me, and thinks I’m lying when I say I want to stay over at Bus’s house. He banned me from staying over anywhere EVER. Sigh. I’ll find a way around it. By hook, or crook. I’m too young/old for this crap.

I’m also brainstorming on a laptop. Anyone with advice on that would be appreciated. I have to choose between an HP Pavillion dv9000 that has all the features EVER including 320gb HDD, 2GB RAM, 2GHz processor and 17″ display, tv tuner … so on and another one with 1gogb hdd, 2gb ram and a 1.5ghz, no bluetooth and 15k extra on the bill. Why? Because the first one has a processor noone encourages me to use. To be fair, I don’t really need bluetooth, but I’ve gotten greedy on features, and I feel a notebook without bluetooth is a bummer. Anyone with an idea of an HP Pavillion that actually runs on Intel, has 2gb ram and 17 inches will be loved for life.

That’s me. For now. Maybe something exciting will crop up. Maybe not. I’m at this point where I found I don’t care anymore. I’m just so OK. ^^

Hm (*ponders thoughtfully*) …

Eji, you’re probably right. Upon reflection, maybe it IS cos of Darkman.

Mehhhn, I’m whipped.

24 Days!!!

I can see there is an interesting amount of y’all that would like to hear about Darkman.

Sorry to disappoint!!!

Anyway, Christmas is coming… la dee da! I used to realy LUURVE Christmas, but the past couple of years have been pretty dull, and there just doesn’t seem to be any SPIRIT if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I’ve kinda sparkled up the blog a bit. It was a rush job, so I hope to improve upon it.

In my bid to make up for my past 2 slacker months, I’m going to do a daily countdown to Christmas, just generally talking about things in the season I love. Till tomorrow then!!!


Time to Stop Being a Slacker

Yeah, so, after Eji insulted me yesterday that I’d only posted twice in the past month, i decided that maybe it was time for me to stop being a mushy little girl and get back on the blogging horse.

I admit it. I have no excuse. Let me lay it out there: I met a guy (who we’re gonna call … uh… Darkman … cos he’s really dark and I’m very uncreative this afternoon), and all of a sudden, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE I wanted to talk about. Nothing at all. I mean, I tried… I would start a post, but… halfway, it’ll be like I was just trying to appease someone and not my best of writing, so I just said, ‘Screw it’.

It’s been just over 2 months since we met, and for those of you that care, it’s coming along GREAT. I’ve liked about 5 guys in my life: One didn’t know I existed, one was a total retard, and till today I don’t know what I was thinking; one was a lech; one was unavailable and one was an arrogant a*hole, I just chose to ignore it.

Now, I’m not going to spend this entire post gushing at this oh-so-wonderful person I met and how it seems for the first time… um, ever… that I’m involved with a guy I actually like and his main priority isn’t either a) a quick shag now and then or b)making me miserable for no real reason.

Then again, maybe I am. Might as well get it off my chest and be done with it, so that I can once again bless your pc screens with my infinite words of wisdom and wit.

Right now, however, I appear to be the battleground for a war between Malaria and Fansidar. I took it yesterday (and with each passing hour I realize why my inner instinct had been putting off the dreaded moment) and it’s been an ‘exciting’ new experience ever since. First was the irritable stomach, then the nausea, which has refused to go away, the dizzy spells, the general lack of enthusiasm to do ANYTHING, and the THIRST, oh God, the THIRST. Unfortunately, I’m too irritable to take too much water at a time, so I think I’m dehydrating. Doesn’t help that my cubicle is suddenly hot as hell due to some new machines… As I type this, I feel a growing neck and headache.

With all this drama, I would have been better off doing what I normally do for malaria: NOTHING. Just sleep for a couple of days till it got bored and left for another year or so. At least then I won’t have had to come to work. I blame this Anthony of a place. It’s got mosquitoes for days and if you choose to stand outside for more than 2 minutes at night, you’re on your own.
Also happening as I type, I’ve got an impending lunch date with a colleague I would have preferred not to have lunch with. He’s one of those extroverted, ‘look-at-me’ types who, during our first conversation in the staff bus, he said he was not going to let me sleep and that I had a funny nose. WTF? I mean, yeah, you’re friendly, we get it. But there’s such a thing as OTT. Back off. Anyway, on seeing my new phone some weeks later, he said I had to ‘wash’ it, and has been bugging me everyday ever since. So, at this point, it’s like, I might as well get it over with. Just hope he doesn’t aske me to come over to his place again.

Speaking of work, I’m working too hard these days. Ok, not really, but I’m working a lot harder than I ought to, considering as I’m supposed to be working with FOUR other people! I’ve now resorted to sleeping in the office before official opening time (considering as I get there by 6.30, you can’t blame me). I suppose making 2-3 hour midnight calls – on a weeknight – doesn’t help.

It’s called an addiction, people.

I’m hungry again. For the first time in … EVER… I ate full plate of rice, plantain and chicken for BREAKFAST. And now, i crave a Munchies roll. Mmm, roll… Might as well go for that lunch date, kill 2 birds with one stone, eh?

Happy! Happy! Happy!

So… I’m back. To be fair, I guess I wasn’t gone long enough to be missed online, but at least, I know someone out there missed me… or whatever. My body went all funny on me from last Wednesday. I think it was reacting to me not wanting to be at work, or maybe the general lack of sleep I was suffering from. I was tired and not just feeling anything I was meant to be doing. Thus, I got NOTHING done. Wednesday I got a cough (which hasn’t gone BTW), by night time, I felt ache-y. My mind went to the only thing I could think of… malaria. Come Thursday morning, I woke up late, and found I felt completely fine. I should have juts skived off work, but NOOO, not me. I went to work by 12. The instant I sat down, I felt like crap in a bottle. I couldn’t believe it. I was weak, and unfocused and impatient. By the close of work, I said, screw it, and slept like a baby on Friday morning while my mum fed me with pills. Annoyingly, again, by afternoon, I felt good and popped out to loosen my braids. By night, the cycle repeated. I kept doing this to myself, until Sunday, when I finally decided to just crash, thanks to Actifed. I can honestly say I slept all through Sunday. Guess how I feel now. 🙂

I felt good this morning, despite not liking my outfit too much, and I got to work, to realize just HOW MANY people missed me. Aw… To add to this, I heard some REALLY REALLY good news about our pay. Oh happy day…

There’s one more thing I’m feeling good about, but … (*sing song voice*) I’ll never tell… 🙂

I Have Weird Office Habits

I have to tell someone.

I do little jigs in the loo when I’m the only one there. Yes, it’s true. There are a lot of mirrors, and its nice and bright, so just as I’m about to go out the door, I tend to do some weird dance moves.
I’ve never been caught.

I also do little jigs in the elevator. I do it a bit less there cos elevators give me the heebbie-jeebies. At the same time, I also like riding elevators. Especially the back one in my office. If i’m at work on the weekend, I just take it from the 1st straight to the 8th floor and back.
I’ve also never been caught.

Little foolish things excite me like ‘jiggin’ in front of a security camera or swiping my id card to open the door.

I kneel on my swivel chair and proceed to spin around with my feet dangling.
I’ve been caught (and made fun of) on occasion.

I’m constantly changing the ringtone of my office phone. It always magically (and annoyingly) changes back by morning. I think someone disconnects the phone while cleaning.

I have three thermo-mugs at different locations on my table. One is mine, and got stolen for a while, before I found it again in Engineering. The other two are not mine, I stole them, and really have no intention of returning back. I don’t feel bad cos I can count the number of people here that are actually using their own stuff on one hand.

I like receiving calls and typing at the same time. It makes me feel like I’m actually having a productive conversation that will move the company forward (which I never really do).

That said, it’s FRIDAY!!! Long weekend ahead! I’ve booked the next 2 and a half days full, and i’m excited.

Happy Independence Day in advance!

What, Boring? Me?

Hm, the way things are, it seems I’ll have to accept the fact that NOTHING interesting will happen in my life till weekends.

And if my weekends are going to be THIS eventful, then I can deal with it.

Deciding to put away a little staff bus drama from that morning (I’m not sure if it’s okay to talk about it just yet), B and I had plans to go Salsa Friday night, but too many things went wrong, and come 7.15pm I was sitting in the Staff bus again. Sometime that week C had told me about a certain networking thing called S.H.A.R.E.

I was jobless enough to register. B made fun of us, that we were sad and desperate. In ur face! It took some work, but I pulled along an old classmate that works at gtb(I was required to bring a male friend). Saturday, after a hot stint at Computer Village ( I found Adobe CS3 design Premium, HOLY COW), I find out that I had become a statistic when it came to having money ‘stolen’ from you at the ATM…

Let me digress for a moment and send a shout to GTB. You guys SUCK!!!! I mean, you guys have lovely buildings, pretty ATM cards (which is actually what inspired me to open an account while at camp… it was only 500 bucks!) and all that, but the little things apparently are not worth taking time to address, are they? I applied for internet banking quite a while ago, and asked when I would get my pin and stuff, but apparently GTB is ‘sooo cool’, they’ll send it to my box. I was doubtful, but what do I know, right? A week passes. Irritable, I go back, fill the form AGAIN, and am reassured that I’ll get it. No dice. I completely forget about the Internet Banking for like a month, then go to another branch, because I was bored. They’re a little more effective in that branch, and by Monday, I get it. But… one fine day, due to some foolishness on my part, I type in the wrong password a few times. And apparently they can’t tell you that your account will be locked if you do that. So just GUESS what happened next. I went back, and once again was assured that I’d get a reset sent to my box. That was 2 weeks ago. And now, to piss me off more, the ATM apparently debited my account TWICE for one transaction. Unfortunately, the amount it took was ALL of my remaining cash. You a*holes.

Anyway, as I was saying. Saturday evening, C and I hopped in the car with AC (it was sweltering) and went for our ‘meeting’. I was a little concerned at first when I was given WEDDING PLANNER magazine upon sitting down. I mean… weddings are just soo far away from me right now. But it was fun. We engaged in those age-long boy-girl debates. At the end of the day we did a bit of a vote and C apparently won a movie ticket.

Sunday evening I did the same, despite the fact that B and C stood me up. And this time I won something. Yeah, go me. I also found that they were a lot more people who were addicted to Facebook than I thought.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Independence Weekend! He-llo! 3 days of FUN FUN FUN… or if my dad is being difficult…SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. But first, I have to get through THIS week… Yawn…