Here’s to you, Ejiro!

Alright, so, today is a special someone‘s birthday, and I thought it would only be right to do this (*cough* actually, she asked for this as a present *cough*).

Ejiro. What can I say. I spent all day thinking of the perfect thing to write, especially as I’ve written a post before, but like a friend said, ‘Write something nice, as long as you mean it.’

She’s the longest friend I’ve ever had. Well, it’s been what, 10 years? Ejiro, 10 years. We need to have an anniversary. Or something. From the day in JSS2 when I wore my pinafore wrong, and she barely has any hair worth talking about… who knew we’d still be pals 10 years later?

That’s awesome. And she’s awesome (don’t let your head swell o).

I still miss the days when the height of our worries was copying our endless Economics notes, and spending hours after school on some Fine Art assignment or the other. I remember at the end of SS3, she said, ‘I’m sure you’re going to go out there and find another best friend’. Sigh… while i may have made some lifelong friends in the past 6 years (wow, SIX, we’re old), and while we may have our gaps in communication (I love that we could still resume it like we has just spoken yesterday), she’ll always have a place in my heart. Gosh, that was mushy. But it was necessary.

Happy Birthday, girlfriend, I hope you had fun, and I know i say this every year… but you’re OLD. ER. Than me. 🙂 And come back home! Its been almost 2 years!!!

P.s. i wrote this better, before, but Blogger is retarded and wiped it…


Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to…. Yeah Whatever

Really late post. I’m 21 today, yay! Finally I can … *thinks*

Do all the things I’ve already been doing…??? I dunno.

It didn’t start out too well what with my phone being under intensive care, but some calls, some texts, and visit from Darkman later…

It’s not bad.

I’m grateful though. Grateful to be alive, well, working, with friends, family and a guy who adores me. What more can a girl ask for??